Big Brother 19 - Episode 17: Sharknado - Big Brother Style!

Blood in the water, and the makings of a perfect storm. #ButFirst...

Jessica made a comment in the DR that aired at the beginning of the ep regarding "if she chose to use the Hex."  My first thought was what do you mean "if"??  Why wouldn't you use it??!  Cue the foreshadowing...

Ok, so last night was just a cluster of emotions.  After the nominations, Cody and Jessica are visibly upset and don't understand why Paul would put them up after announcing they had "safety."  Um, hello?  It's because Paul's not gonna trust a damn word you say and wants to see it for himself.  Why on earth would Paul intentionally keep you safe when you're his biggest targets?  Of course, the three of them go up to the HoH room to talk.  Jessica tells Paul that he's basically made his HoH a dud and putting them up was the worst move he could've made.  Paul tries to convince Jody that the entire house wanted them up so he would nominate, a power would magically fall out of the sky, and he had another plan.  They aren't buying it and voices start to raise.  Paul tells Jessica to "lower her voice," and Cody takes offense, spouting off things like "you don't fucking talk to her that way" and "don't you fucking tell her to lower her voice," etc.  Paul immediately tells Cody to leave his room and Cody's all "what are you gonna do about it?!?!?" calling him a loser and getting n Paul's face.  Jessica tries to diffuse the situation but to no avail.  Team Jody leaves the HoH room, and Paul follows them out, taking the argument to the masses.

Paul then comes downstairs to tell his version of events to the HGs, when Mark starts to defend Cody a little.  This lights a fire under Josh, and he loses...his...SHIT.  He starts going on about how Cody has been a jerk in the house and Mark should not be standing up for him.  Josh yells "Who you should've stood up for was Dominique!" which I'm absolutely sure struck a nerve in Mark.  He wanted desperately to keep Dominique safe, but ultimately he didn't feel it was good for his game, given the shit-storm she kicked up before she left.  Josh gets the pots out again, starts banging them in Mark's face and starts singing the circus song again.  Mark, in turn, loses HIS collective shit and goes after Josh.  Mark grabbed him but didn't hit or punch him.  Immediately you hear a voice come over the speakers saying "OPPOSITE SIDES OF THE HOUSE" and they have to separate.  In the DR, Mark said he was bullied as a child, but was never bullied again once he found the gym.  Josh up in his face triggered those bad memories.  I mean, I get it...but you were little then.   You're grown, and you have to learn to control your physicality at this point.  Granted, the BB house is a hotbed of emotions times ten (which I'd like to explore for me CBS!!), but still, you have to know what you can and can't do.
Meanwhile, Jessica and Cody are in the back of the house arguing about what just went down in the HoH room.  Jessica refers Cody as a "hothead" that seems to lose his temper easily and whose first instinct is to physically fight.  She's definitely not wrong.  She's concerned that who he is in the house is who he is outside of the house, and she can't have that type of person in her life.  She says she needs space and leaves the room.  Soon after that Mark comes in to commiserate with Cody. Both of their showmances seem to be going up in flames.

Jessica finally comes clean regarding her power and all that it entails.  Paul tells her that since she told him that she and Cody were safe, his plan was to nominate them, reveal the power and then put up two other nominees.  It's the truth, but not really.  He made it seem like the other two noms (which he didn't name) were his actual target.  He also told Jessica that she needs to consider not using her power, distance herself from Cody and let the house vote him out.  Unbeknownst to Jessica, Paul also tells this to the other HGs, hoping they can plant seeds in Jessica's ear, so she won't use her power this week.  It's a brilliant move.  Jessica is already doubting how strong she and Cody's relationship would be on the outside.  Cody is already telling her that she has a chance to win and if he leaves the house she is guaranteed to at least have a shot at the $500,000 prize.  He is also telling her that he is a hothead who has few friends, is single and not close with his family.  Clearly his attitude is not a new BB development.  It was a touching moment and all, but Elena's got the right idea.  She's not going to jeapordize her standing in the game for a guy she met less than 40 days ago, and neither should Jessica.

The Veto players are picked, and Kevin and Raven join Paul, Cody, Jessica and Jason in the comp.  It's BB Storm Watch, where all night long weather updates are given about tropical storms named after the evicted housegests.  You have to remember all of the details, while answering questions from a teleprompter in a simulated hurricane.

Side Note: It was BB Sharknado!  I loved the inflatable sharks flying through the air during the comp.

Paul wins by a comfortable number, and now holds all of the power.  Paul and Jessica have a conversation regarding eviction.  If Jessica agrees to not use the power so that Cody can be sent home, she wants guaranteed safety from being on the block for two weeks, as well as the next HoH, agreeing to serve Alex up on a platter.  There's no way Paul is going to honor a deal like that, considering he and Alex are in a secret alliance together.  He will, however, tell Jessica that he will work his magic to make it happen.  I think he needs to tell the important people in the house (namely his group: Jason, Christmas, Alex, Matt, Raven and Elena, Kevin, and hell...even Josh) that is the "deal" he is working, but not planning on honoring.  That way if Jessica tries to feel out the house and she approaches someone that Paul says he's talked to, but they have no idea what she's talking about, they won't be blindsided, and she won't feel backed into a corner, ultimately deciding to use the Hex.  Sure, Jessica will feel betrayed, but it won't be the first time.  She can go up on the block next to Mark if need be.

The episode did end without the Veto meeting, so I have no idea if it was used or not.  NO SPOILERS, all you After Dark and Live Feed people?  Do you think Paul used it. or kept noms the same?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!


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