Big Brother 19 - Episode 21: Parental Discretion is Advised

Yeah, that's because I'm probably going to be cursing a lot more in this recap than before.  #ButFirst...

Kevin is stepping up and wanting to align with Cody to break up the showmances.  It's nice to know that his strategy has been to be friendly with everyone and stay under the radar.  All this time I thought he just didn't know what the hell he was doing.  Kevin promises Jessica his vote and is trying to work a deal that Jessica will propose to Cody.  Kevin wants Cody to agree to not put up Paul, Alex, Jason, or Kevin. In return he wants Cody to help break up the showmances for a guaranteed 3-4 weeks of safety.

Jessica presents this information to Cody, and he instantly realizes that Kevin is trying to weaponize him against the showmance factions of the house. Cody is going to say whatever he needs to say to Kevin, but in the end, he doesn't trust the rest of Kevin's crew and will NEVER keep a deal in which he agrees to keep Paul safe.

Kevin presents this deal option to Alex and Jason, and they are not with the plan to work with Cody.  They're both in a pretty good position right now, especially with Alex secretly working more closely with Paul than anyone else realizes.  She sees no reason to jeopardize her comfortability.

Kevin then tries to pitch the same deal to Paul, who also thinks the deal is a terrible idea. Paul will never trust anything Cody says, so the deal would be over before it even started. Kevin and Paul agree that the deal is only worth acknowledging if Cody wins HoH. If he doesn't win they vote him out.

Kevin, Cody, and Jason are taking a leisurely stroll around the backyard (I assume laps for some sort of exercise, but they don't seem to be moving fast enough to really do anything). Kevin brings up his deal idea to Cody, who immediately starts telling him things like "If I win HoH I'm definitely going after the people in the house that betrayed me from the very beginning" eluding to the couples.  He then goes on to tell them that "he can't believe no one has tried to use him as a weapon for their side of the house yet."  This is all music to Kevin's ears, who can't believe that he and Cody are thinking the same things.  Kevin cannot be stupid enough to believe that Cody is saying everything he wants to hear because they're on the same page. Wait a minute yes he is.  Kevin, Jessica OBVIOUSLY has talked to Cody about your little deal.  Do you REALLY think differently?  If so, you're going to be enjoying the rest of your summer in the jury house sooner rather than later.  One thing I will say, being a floater in the house this season is incredibly easy.  There have been so many giant targets for so long in this house that he can fly so far under the radar he won't get noticed for WEEKS.  Wait until they find out he's got the $25,000 from day one.  Anywho, Kevin and Cody "shake" on the deal, Kevin thinking it's legit, and Cody blowing smoke.

Jason goes to Alex and Paul to tell them about what transpired in the backyard, and how uncomfortable the conversation was for him.  Alex and Paul do not appreciate Kevin making and shaking on deals on their behalf.  Kevin is going to turn himself into a target if he doesn't watch his back.  In my opinion, he isn't skilled enough in this game to be making big moves all of a sudden.

As anticipated, Jessica is starting shit, especially with Josh, virtually ensuring her eviction.  Josh and Paul are commenting on Matt's love of showers, and Josh says that Matt is the reason for the California drought.  Jessica then inserts herself into the conversation, asking Josh if he can even spell drought.  He does, successfully I might add, and she says that she's shocked.  Josh may be a meatball, but he is college educated and has a business with his family.  A bit later while outside, Paul tells Josh he should ask Jessica if she can spell evicted.  Josh goes inside to mess with her, and she PROMPTLY tells him that "this is not the day,"  she is not in the mood and to "get out of her face.
OK, I'm sorry, but fuck that shit. You can dish it out, but you can't take it?  Go 'head with that bullshit!  Cody and Jessica fucking go off on him. Jessica calls Josh a moron and Cody starts in with "you walk around here with your fat fucking body" and "you're a fat fucking piece of shit." This is fucking ridiculous.  Apparently, the bullying goes both ways in this house.  Jessica and Cody know Jessica is going home and they're taking this to a whole 'nother level.  Josh tries to diffuse the situation by trying to stop the name calling, but they continue to attack his intelligence and physical appearance.  Josh goes up to the HoH room and starts to cry.  Most of the house follows, telling him he's the better person for standing his ground, and how he doesn't have to take that type of abuse from them.  Can we just call it even at this point and stop with the degrading bullshit?

Elena has no votes against her.  Raven's only vote came from Cody, so with seven votes to evict Jessica is finally out of the house.  She even used her speech to tell the house that she wasn't impressed that it took all of them so long to get one of them out of the house.  Technically, they did get Cody out before, albeit for only one week.

Side Note: As I'm typing my hashtag labels, I realize that my name won't be a proper hashtag when I make it into the house because of this damned apostrophe!!  I'm gonna have to be #BBDJ or #BBDee, or something like that.  Dammit!!!

The HoH Comp is a memory game.  A magician couple performs routines, and the HGs have to remember details of their performances.  It's a lot of quick-change routines, which I think is kind of cool.  When it's all said and done, Alex wins HoH.  Paul is safe for another week...unless he participates in the last Temptation Competition next week (which I think would be incredibly foolish on his part) and has to go up as the third nominee.  What our True Believers (shout out to Stan Lee!!) don't know is that next week is a double eviction so anything can happen.

Jessica did speak truth during her eviction speech.  The longer they keep Paul in the game, the more likely it will be that he wins the whole thing.  There are still two couples in the house though, so I'm pretty sure Paul likes his odds.  Bigger fish, and all that.  Julie also announced to the house that going forward, evicted HGs will go straight to the Jury House. There will also be no Jury Battle Back this year, so once they're  out, they're out. I wonder with Cody in Jury if there will be any Paulie/Davonne-worthy blow-ups this season.  I don't think we'll have to wait long to find out!

The Temptation Competition can throw a monkey wrench into everything, but if they can, I think the house's best bet is to back door Cody.  He's one hell of a competitor, and while it's shady as hell, it may be the only surefire way to get him out.

Thanks for sticking with me this week!  There's going to be a special bonus episode next Friday, so more blogging fun for me!  With Jury officially entering the mix, do you have any predictions for who will end up there first, or who's going to win it all?  This season has been one hell of a ride, and I for one can't wait for next week!


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