Big Brother 19 - Episode 22: Voir Dire...Jury Selection Begins!

Alex is HoH, and her side of the house is sitting pretty.  They've finally broken up Jessica and Cody, with no chance of them reuniting in this game.  Hopefully, the house can finally find some peace. HA!  I said that like I almost meant it.

Jessica tried to blow up Paul's game during her eviction speech, and Mark really took it to heart. He knows that everyone in the house is essentially playing Paul's game, but he says he's waiting for everyone else to see it. Mark even has a conversation with Jason regarding this, in which Jason agrees with him.  I'm pretty sure a few people in the house know that's what's going on, but everyone sees Paul as a way to further their game.  They're all probably thinking "when the time is right, I'll get rid of him." They said the same thing about Dr. Will Kirby once upon a time.

Everyone is concerned with the Temptation Competition.  The house knows that Cody is going to either gun for safety, or try and lose it so he can guarantee he'll play in the Veto comp.  Alex needs people from her side to both win safety and go up on the block as the third nominee.  The chances of Cody's name being pulled to play for Veto are there, but greatly diminished.

Alex's targets from the beginning have always been the showmances.  She wants to put up Mark and Elena so she can backdoor Cody.  Alex also asks either Matt or Raven to throw the Temptation comp to stack the odds against Cody.  Matt volunteers to show that he's a team player (he does that a lot) in hopes that his loyalty will be rewarded.  Alex looks at it as another expendable showmance target on the block in case things don't go as planned.

Everyone but Christmas plays in the competition.  Over the course of a day or two, BB started playing sounds in the house...a crying baby, a jackhammer, a car horn, etc.  For the competition, the HGs had to remember where they were when they heard them.  There was a big blueprint of the house on the ground.  When they were given a clue, they had to go to the area of the house where they were when they heard that particular sound.  Cody was convinced that he hadn't been in the Have Not room at all, so his strategy was to stand in that part of the blueprint for every answer, guaranteeing that he would lose the comp.  In watching this with the hubz, he had the exact same idea but said he should've gone to the HoH room area of the blueprint.  With Josh being HoH there was no WAY he was ever in there.  Cody, however, chose not to do that and screwed up his game.

It turns out that for one of the sounds he actually WAS in the Have Not room and he'd forgotten.  Matt successfully threw the challenge and became the third nominee.  The winner of the challenge was Mark.  He'd gotten all of his answers right.  It made Mark feel really good to not only win safety but to win at what he saw as a mental competition, showing the house that he was more than just a physical competitor.

Cody is alone in the house and has decided his next move is to sow the seeds of doubt in people's minds, making them think that Paul is coming after them.  The first person he hits with this mind game is Elena, who is already paranoid about going up on the block.  Cody tells her that Paul was going after her and Mark, which is only half true.  Paul was trying to save Elena from Josh all week, but of course, Cody being on the outs wouldn't be privy to that information.

Mark and Elena are talking, and Cody joins them.  Elena asks Cody if he gets picked and wins veto if he will pull her off of the block.  He agrees. Mind you, nominations haven't even been made yet. Meanwhile, Christmas wheels by to go to the bathroom and picks up on the fact that the three of them are talking game, even when Mark vehemently denies ever talking game with him as of late.  Christmas calls Mark out on his flip-flopping ways in front of the house, and Mark gets extremely defensive.  Mark knows that everything Christmas is saying is true, but he doesn't need her calling attention to it.

Alex makes her nominations, and she puts up Jason and Elena. She now has Matt and Jason to fight hard for the veto, and Elena is the expendable option.  If Cody gets picked to play and actually wins Veto, it will be very interesting.  If Cody honors his agreement to pull Elena off of the block, she will have to be replaced, but with whom?  Everyone that Alex visibly wants out of the house would be safe from eviction.  It wouldn't make sense to put up Paul because as long as he is in the house, he is a weapon against Cody, not to mention the secret partnership Paul and Alex have.  With the way Kevin was acting prior to Jessica getting evicted, putting him on the block would be the safest option for her in my's a crappy move, but it leaves Alex with the least amount of blood on her hands.  Kevin is a good guy in the house and all, but a floater is a floater.

I'll be excited to see what happens on Wednesday.  I did discover that I have PopTV and therefore access to Big Brother After Dark, but it doesn't come on until midnight, and I have a full-time job!  What do you think?  Do you think Cody will have any shot at playing for the veto, or is the back door just waiting to hit him on the ass on his way out?  Who will be the first person in Jury?  With this being a double-eviction week, who will be the second person in Jury?  How do I get sucked into this so hard every year?  WHEN'S GON' BE MY TIME, CBS????  Sorry, lost it there for a minute.  I'll be better next time.  Well, I won't be, but if you've stuck with me this long you know that. :)


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