Big Brother 19 - Episode 19: Strangest Things

Josh is thrilled to have won HOH, but to hear Josh say that he was isolated from the beginning of the game is bullshit because it was a prison of his own making.  He’s the one who let his emotions get the best of him and practically lost his mind in the beginning.  If he’s isolated, it’s because he portrayed himself as batshit crazy and no one really wanted anything to do with him.

Elena immediately goes to Josh and wants to know if she has to worry about him putting her up. Paranoid much?

A few days before the eviction Josh and Mark buried the hatchet. Josh apologized for being a bully, which Mark says he appreciated, but the look on his face seems like he really doesn't care a whole lot.

It looks like paradise is back on for Team Jody.  I guess potentially throwing him under the bus and evicting him is all water under the bridge now. I wonder if Jessica ever told Cody the whole truth about how that was supposed to go down.

After the HoH comp., Alex comes into the room and talks about how Elena and Mark are so mad about the win. Little did she realize, Mark was sitting right there in the room.  Now Alex has to backpedal to try and figure out how to get out of this mess, which she artfully does by saying that Mark has been flip-flopping and she doesn't trust him. That was quick thinking on her feet, and it seems like he bought it, mainly because is the truth.

Josh confronts Elena about the fact that she was one of the votes to evict him the week prior. Elena is justifying voting out Josh because the plan to keep Josh was kept from her and Mark, which I think Josh already knows. Elena is also saying that Ramses came up to her three times to campaign for his vote and I guess Josh didn't do that. Elena feels he should’ve campaigned to her more, which Josh does not appreciate.

Paul is trying to sway Josh into putting up Jessica and Cody so that Jessica can go home first. Cody is always going to be a significant threat and a huge target, and he's never going to ingratiate himself back into the house. Jessica, on the other hand, might be able to. Voting out Elena messes up Paul's game, but I think Paul is being too aggressive about it. It’s Josh’s HoH. If Paul is going to blatantly hijack this HoH he needs to be more subtle about it. You can plant seeds as to what you want the HoH to do, but always follow it up with “I mean, that’s what I think, but I’ll do whatever you want.”  Paul’s craftier than that, and he’s coming off as a bully. Christmas knows it and Christmas warns Josh to watch his back with Paul.

Sidenote: Paul just punked the SHIT out of Josh in Josh’s HOH room. Paul and Elena are in the HoH room talking about how she’s worried that Josh is going to put her up. Josh walks in with two drinks, one for him and one for Paul. Paul says something like “you're the best man” or whatever and Josh goes to hand the drink to Paul. Paul says "set it down for me please, right there." Josh sat the drink down in front of Paul.  Josh just got fucking punked in his own room! That would've pissed me the hell off.  Paul is definitely feeling himself, and he needs to stop before others aren’t feeling him as much.

Josh is giving Elena a bunch of lip service. He saying whatever she needs to hear so that she's not paranoid for the week but in his mind, she is his number one target.

Josh talked to Christmas and told her that he wants Elena out first. He knows that there's a four-way alliance between Mark, Elena, Jessica, and Cody.  He also knows that Elena and Paul have gotten closer, so he wants Paul out of the equation. He's also commenting about how Paul just rolls right into the HOH room without knocking like he owns the place. Christmas said she needs to lock her door and be a little stingy so that he can enjoy his HoH.  This also goes back to what I said previously about Paul needing to take a couple of steps back.

For the Temptation Competition, the house was turned into a haunted house, and each player has to go through and look for clues on various windows. There were phrases with letters circled in some of the words. Those letters had to be put together to form a clue.   That clue was the item that needed to be put into a box and stop the clock.  The person who does this in the fastest time wins safety for the week. The person who takes the longest automatically goes up as the third nominee. Jessica and Cody's plan is for one of them to win the Temptation competition and one of them to throw it.  That way one of them is safe and the other can become the third nominee, automatically playing in the veto competition and taking getting back-doored out of the equation. The rest of the house wants to beef up the numbers so that there are lots of competitors, giving Jessica and Cody a harder time winning the competition

Everyone plays except for Josh and Christmas. They did a great job of transforming the BB house into a haunted house. It makes me wonder just how long that took in production and how long the house guests had to wait outside while they prepared everything.  It’s not shown, but I know there’s a lot of down time in the house while different competitions are being set up.  What the houseguests are looking for is a heart to put into the box and complete the comp. Jessica’s plan was to throw the comp, but she was legit scared and didn't want to go through the house. While the times were all over the place, Cody was the fastest and took three minutes to complete the comp. Jessica took 15 minutes, so it seems the plan worked perfectly. Cody safe and Jessica is the third nominee. I will give an honorable mention to Kevin though; he was only slower than Cody by 11 seconds.  Cody doesn't even crack a smile when he learns that he wins the competition. I'm so sick of his ass, and I'm ready for him to go. It's like he's not even enjoying the game. I understand he's been on the block constantly and he's alienated himself, but just like with Josh, it's a prison of his own making! I mean come on, it's still a fucking game, be there for the experience and fucking have a good time! He is an absolute downer to watch on TV.

The entire house realizes that Jessica through the competition.  I think she was three minutes slower than the next person, but just her attitude towards the “loss” kind of clued everyone in on that fact.

So Josh is going to put up Mark and Elena as pawns, courtesy of Paul’s “direction.” Paul is going to try to tell them that he volunteered to go up as a pawn, but Josh didn't want to take that risk. All that does is send Elena into a frenzy, and she confronts Josh with it. Paul comes in the room, and Elena and Josh are going at it. Josh is telling Paul that Elena threw his and Alex’s names under the bus as better competitors and therefore should be up on the block. Elena denies that that's the way the conversation happened and it's a big blowup argument. Josh ends up putting up Mark and Elena, saying that Jessica is his main target when in actuality Elena is his target. He says in the diary room that he's keeping it from the house that he wants Elena out, but that doesn't make any sense because he needs the votes from the house to get Elena out. Eventually, Elena being his main target is going to have to come to light, and he's going to need the votes to secure her eviction.

At the nomination ceremony, after Josh puts up Mark and Elena, he turns to Jessica and completely goes off on her, talking about how she played Cody’s game and now he’s gunning for her this week. I’m sorry, but his shit is completely unnecessary.  In his mind, he did that for show, to solidify his fake-ass position in the house.  There’s a lot of bullying going on this season.  I could speculate as to why, but this is a Big Brother blog entry and not a political one.  Okay, I’ll shut up now. *smile*


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