Big Brother 19 - Episode 20: They Can't ALL Be Amazing

You know, I wasn’t as thrilled with this episode.  It felt like a “filler” episode that one might have in a season of a regular show.

Christmas told Paul about her Ring of Replacement temptation, and he wants her to use it if Cody gets chosen to play in the veto.  If the plan is to get Jessica out, that’s the best move.  Unfortunately, that’s not Josh’s plan…it’s Paul’s, and he’s not HoH.  Christmas, still looking out for Josh, tells him about her Ring and also tells him what Paul’s plans for it are.  Josh doesn’t want it used.  Personally, he doesn’t care if Cody gets picked to play.  It’s ideal for his game if Cody does play and pulls off a win. If Jessica is off of the block, it’s “out of his hands” he can convince the house to send Elena home instead of Mark.  Using the ring now is best for Paul’s game.  It puts greater odds against Jessica in the comp, and it removes all of the temptations from the house.  No more tricks up BB’s proverbial sleeve.

Josh tries to talk to Jessica to “hint” at the fact that she isn’t his target for the week, but Cody is also in the room, and they want nothing to do with Josh.  Josh wasn’t going to come right out and say his plan, which is smart because he doesn’t need the rest of the house pissed off at him this early into his HoH.  He should’ve just left well enough alone, and known he couldn’t have a civil conversation with them immediately after ripping Jessica to shreds at the nomination ceremony.  His game play is kind of dumb like that.

The usage of the Ring is discussed ad nauseam.  Used or not, Paul could use it to his advantage either way.  If it’s used, it seems as though Jessica is the main target, appeasing the house (read: Paul).  If it isn’t, Paul could go to the rest of the house, inform them of his plan with Christmas’ ring, and show them that Christmas and Josh weren’t “playing ball.”  It could turn the rest of the house against them and voila…new targets to keep the heat off of him.  Paul also reminds Josh and Christmas that anyone evicted after this week goes to Jury, and Josh doesn't want both Cody and Jessica in Jury together because they'd automatically be two votes against him.

Mark’s name got pulled out of the box, so he chose Alex to play in the comp.  He’s hoping it’s an olive branch to show her that he is no longer on Cody’s side.  Josh pulls Cody’s name, and the look of disgust on his face was PRICELESS.  Cody’s selection is short lived, and Josh ultimately signals for Christmas to use her Ring.  She successfully replaces Cody in the veto comp.

Cody and Jessica return to the back room, and Cody breaks down, crying on Jessica’s shoulder.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  I know I give Cody a lot of shit for his lack of emotion (other than hot-headed anger), but the BB house is a hotbed of emotions.  I honestly never expected to see him cry, but Cody has been put through the ringer.  I can only imagine what it must feel like to be stuck in an environment where you feel as though everyone hates you and there’s no escape. With that being said, it doesn’t make me like him.  It just shows me that he’s got layers…like an angry onion.

Christmas tries to talk to Jessica, telling Jessica that she warned her not to use the Hex and put herself in this position.  Jessica wants to hear none of it, calls Christmas two-faced and tells her not to speak to her.

OTEV is the Veto competition this week…a fan favorite.  Even though Christmas replaced Cody in the comp, she isn’t medically cleared to compete and has to sit this one out.  The goal is accomplished, but she’s got to be frustrated at all of the competitions she can’t compete in.  If I remember correctly, even if she were to last the entire summer, her leg would be in a cast the entire time. This year OTEV is a possessed piglet that spews green slime when he transforms from the sweet little piglet to possessed, deranged monster.  OTEV gives the HGs a clue, and they have to slide down a waterfall and search the yard for the answer to that clue.  The last one to return, or the person who returns with an incorrect answer, is out of the comp.  Elena is eliminated first, followed by Jessica, Josh, and Alex.  Alex and Mark were neck-in-neck, but she dropped her answer, and it fell to the bottom of the waterfall.  She had to retrieve it, allowing Mark to remain at the top of the hill.  Mark wins Veto and pulls himself off of the block.  Josh puts up Raven as a pawn.

Paul thinks Operation: Jessica is moving forward as planned.  Josh still wants to get rid of Elena.  Jessica said in the DR that she’s going to turn the house upside down and if she’s going out, it’s going to be with a bang.  I have a feeling that she’s going to start too much shit and Josh is going to have no choice but to have her evicted.  If she were to lay low, Josh might be able to convince a few people to keep her and get rid of Elena.  I don’t see that happening.

What do you think?  Can Jessica keep her mouth shut and live to fight another day beside her man?  Will Josh stick to his guns and rally to have Elena evicted?  I can’t wait for tonight’s Eviction episode!


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