My Babies and Their First Team Sport!

I'm so excited for my little ones!  Our friends the Meliskas invited us to join their youth bowling league this fall.  My mom introduced a love of bowling to me when I was a pre-teen and I'm so glad I get to do the same for them!  I still love to bowl, but I feel like there's never enough time to make it happen.  I think I'd be intimidated to join a league.  I've only bowled in an adult/child league and the prize was a Sega Genesis (yes I just dated myself!!) so my level of bowling expertise was never a factor.  With adults you play for money.  My mom was in a league like that and some people would get PISSED if they felt you weren't pulling your weight on the team.  NOT.  FUN.

Alex is bowling with bumpers and he loves it.  He's a team of one, but he really enjoys it.  Brie is bowling without bumpers and doing a really good job!  Her high game was 82 last week.  Of course Brie is already asking for a "special ball", meaning a ball of her own.  I have no problem with that, but I want to make sure this is an activity she's gonna stick with first.  Shoes aren't even an issue...they're free with the league and there's no way I'm buying them bowling shoes right now when their feet seem to grow every six months!

I would like to get them in one more activity, but once again time is such a factor.  Brie wants to do, gymnastics, you name it.  Alex just has so much energy I feel like I need to keep him as active as possible.  I wasn't in any activities for most of my childhood, so I want them to experience that.  It may be more for me than for them, but I'm not going to overwhelm them by having them in activities every day of the week.  No offense to those of you that do, but in my opinion they're young and I want to not only ease them in, but expose them to lots of different activities and give them the options of what they really like/excel at.  Brie has a guitar that she was given for Christmas and she wants to learn how to play that as well.  No one told me that being a parent meant being tired AND broke!  :)


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