Big Brother 16: *Passes Out*

Wow.  Just, wow.  That's really all I can say right now.  I'll have to combine two eps into one recap, so here goes.

Derrick and Frankie share HoH duties and have to nominate four people. With only 8 left in the house, pickin's are slim.  Everyone knew it was going to come down to this point, especially since you started with such a large alliance.  Personally, I can't wait to see Caleb's face when it's his turn to go and he realizes he isn't actually an alliance member.  He might Beast-Mode it out in comps and go really far though...who knows?

Derrick doesn't want Donny or Victoria to go because he feels that ultimately they are votes for him.  Both Frankie and Derrick tell Victoria she will have the week off and not go up on the block.  Derrick knows he won't win the Jury against Donny, so he needs to evict him eventually.  He also knows that Victoria would guarantee him the money if she were sitting beside him, but he has a final two deal with Cody that I think he would like to honor above his final two deal with her.  He needs her to get evicted without looking like he had anything to do with it to guarantee she will stay loyal in Jury.

Frankie wants ZERO blood on his hands after the week he just had.  It was cute to see pictures of him with Ariana.  You can tell they're really close.  Anyhoo, the Detonators + Caleb want Zach to volunteer to go on the block and throw the comp so they can get Donny out.  Zach is adamant about not doing it, feels threatened when Caleb basically tells him he owes it to the team to do it and begrudgingly agrees to volunteer.  He clearly doesn't want to do it, so the gesture is denied and they decide to pick Skittles out of a hat.  Christine is drawn to be up with Donny to throw the comp and Caleb and Cody will go up alongside.  No one is truly happy with the plan, but it was reached democratically so none of them can really bitch.

The BotB was the dreaded Black Box, where team members have to go inside a pitch black room with all kinds of strange noises and textures to throw them off.  They have to find 5 bones, fit them onto their board and ring the buzzer first.  Christine thinks it is the ultimate comp to throw because Donny can't see her doing it.  She was absolutely right, but she went about it all wrong.  There were also bones marked with "x"'s (that the HGs couldn't see, of course) that would not fit on the board to throw them off.  All she had to do was split from Donny, find a bone and whether it fit or not, say it didn't fit.  Instead she decides to play the "OMG I can't believe I didn't find one bone" game and failed miserably at it.  Donny's not an idiot.  He handed her a bone and she "drops it"??  That's just crap.  All she had to do was go to the board, pretend to try and make it fit, say it didn't and throw it to the side.  Not hard at all, but she didn't have her thinking cap on completely.  Donny pulls a Frankie and wins the competition all by his lonesome, throwing a wrench into this week's plan.  Derrick is de-throned and Caleb and Cody stay on the block.  Caleb is not a Detonator but is still a strong number, so they don't want to lose him this early on in the back-end.  Cody is not only a Detonator, but a Hitman with Derrick so he's freaking out just a bit right now.  The only saving grace now is the PoV.

Side Note: Team America's mission this week is to hide an article of clothing of each HG and then organize a Neighborhood Watch to run for 24 hours to make sure it doesn't happen again.  It works.  Everyone becomes paranoid and starts to blame Zach.  He is the shit-stirrer in the house, after all, so he would be the obvious choice.  More on this in a little bit.

Zingbot makes his triumphant return but his circuits are fried.  He's only throwing "Props" and giving compliments to the HGs.  Enter Kathy Griffin to try and stage a Zingtervention.  My favorite?  "Who's not afraid to cry, wears pink and likes to cuddle with men?  ZACH!"  Did not see that coming and it was glorious.  The zing regarding Victoria not playing the game was a gimme.  The PoV players are Zach, Cody, Caleb, Donny, Christine and Victoria.  Worst case scenario, Donny wins and keeps the noms the same, or Victoria wins and removes Cody.  Donny doesn't trust anyone in the house at this point and he is right on the money, so he is the loosest of cannons.  Victoria is well...Victoria.  She's just taking up space at this point, so for her to pull out an upset would be detrimental to everyone's game.  She's easy to pick off, but they need to go ahead and handle that.

For the PoV, the HGs have to wire a maze of circuitry to reboot Zingbot.  The first person to figure out the puzzle and light all of their bulbs wins.  It's funny to hear each comp referred to as the "most important one of the summer", but they literally are since playing that game is always day to day.
It comes down to the wire (ha! punny) between Caleb and Frankie.  Frankie wanted all of the power so he could decide fates, but if he were smart he would've let Caleb win it so that he could take himself off, therefore making it look like Frankie's hand was being forced into choosing a replacement nominee.  With everyone accusing Zach of being a saboteur, it would be insanely easy to back-door him and get him out this week.  If Zach had let Caleb win, he could play it off way better.  Frankie does indeed take Caleb off the block and gives a speech of his own.  I liked it so much I actually have it memorized...

I'm gonna take a page from my best friend Zach Attack
But I'm gonna do it better 'cause your shit was kinda whack
Zach it would be really fun for you to stay
But if I don't put you up I'm gonna look cray-cray
So Zack my best friend please take a seat
It's time for you and Julie Chen to finally meet.

WOW.  Just.  WOW.  Zach got out-played.  I felt really bad for him, especially since this is  a time where he truly didn't do anything wrong!  The saboteur thing totally got pinned on him.  If it were me, I would point the finger at the person who miraculously found the hidden items, calling into question just how they knew where to find everything.  Hopefully from a game standpoint he can recognize that and there won't be any hard feelings down the road, but as of right now that wound is DEEP.  Zach's only saving grace (that he doesn't even know about yet) is that he will be getting a chance to win his way back into the house as soon as he is evicted.  That would NOT be good for Frankie because he can't play in the HoH and Zach will be going for the jugular. All I have to say is Lord PLEASE don't let Jocasta come back in.  I'm over her completely.

The dual HoH twist is also officially over, which the HGs don't know yet either.  Tomorrow's ep is gonna be very interesting to say the least.


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