Big Brother 16: Time Time For Some Time For Some Action

Showing my age and giving a little nod to Redman/Cypress Hill right there!  I'm so hood...

Ok, so they DID do a numerical tiebreaker.  I was wondering what the deal with that was!  I guess the Powers that Be just had a bit of poor time-management.  Nicole and Donny win the tiebreaker and become the new HoHs.  It's the first time that someone on the outside of a major alliance has not been in power at all.  Jacosta is all tears because she didn't win HoH.  She claims she knew all of the answers and just got nervous.  True or not, she's not HoH.  Am I still over Jacosta?  Lemme check...YEP.  Moving on...

Nicole is ready to make some power moves in the house and has decided that she would like to back-door Frankie.  It's an AMAZING game move, but not one I would personally like to see.  I'm loving Frankie's game and would like to see him win the entire thing.  If I'm playing Devil's Advocate he isn't playing a PERFECT game because he's deemed as a threat.  My poor Frankie.

Nicole asks Derrick if he's down with the move and he of course tells her yes to her face, but actually isn't.  He wants to keep Frankie in the house because he's not only a member of #TheDetonators, he's a member of #TeamAmerica and that could cut into his side money if a team member goes home.  Derrick decides not to let Frankie know he is a potential target, however.  He realizes that if he is the only person Nicole told about her idea and it gets back to her that Frankie knows about it, Derrick will be the obvious whistle blower and that will screw up his entire game.

Frankie decides not to pull any strings with Donny's HoH.  He feels he is safe and that is all he is concerned with.  That's one thing about the infamous back-door...even when you're not nominated, you should never feel truly safe.

Nicole nominates Zach and Jacosta and Donny nominates Caleb and Victoria.  Nicole gave a little speech not unlike Zach's last week.  It was cute, but that's about it in my opinion.  With all of the times Jacosta and Victoria have been nominated, it's gotta do something to the psyche.  I can't imagine having to fight for your life in that house EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

Side Note:  That house is a MESS!  I think it always ends up looking like that, but I can't for the life of me figure out why!  Are there not many drawers, do people just not care?  It's ridiculous!

The #BattleoftheBlock is called Domino Effect.  The teams have to line up super-sized dominoes and create a chain reaction that ends with the last domino hitting a buzzer.  The first team to complete the task wins the Battle.  There are punishment dominoes on the playing field and three of them have to be knocked over in the chain.  If you win, you have punishments. If you lose, no punishments...but being on the Block is punishment enough.  Did anyone else think Battle Host Christine looked like Pee-Wee Herman? Was that the idea?

Caleb lit a fire under Victoria's ass because she was hustlin' during this competition!  Each team started their chain and failed to knock over all of the blocks, so they had to reset.  Caleb and Victoria reset more quickly and were able to complete their chain to win the comp.  Victoria's got nine lives or something.  Now Zach and Jacosta remain on the block, both of whom will be fighting for PoV.  I hope noms remain the same, or Frankie gets picked to play and wins.  It makes me wonder if now that back-dooring Frankie is a real possibility, Derrick will give Frankie a head's up and tell him he needs to win PoV at all costs if chosen.  I would hope he would tell him, but that's only because I'm rooting for Frankie.  A Frankie eviction plan would stun the HELL out of him.  Being the great social player that he is, I also believe he would sail right out that door...unless Victoria pulls herself off and it's Frankie and Zach left standing.  At that point it's anybody's guess...get rid of Batshit Zach Attack, or get rid of the Social Juggernaut.  I'd think the house would pull a Dr. Will and keep the devil you know, sending Frankie to the interview chair with Julie.


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