Big Brother 16: Amber Gets Played

Dearest Amber,

What happened?  How could you let someone derail your game so completely?  Where did you go wrong? Oh, wait, I know...Caleb.

Sweet, sweet Caleb.  Poor, innocent-stalker Beast-Mode Cowboy Caleb.  Her complete downfall in the game.  I believe the problem from minute on was that she wasn't straight-up honest with him.  Of course in the DR she told all of America that she simply wasn't interested in the Metrosexual Cowboy.  She led him on in the house though.  No, she didn't smile coyly at him or bat her eyelashes...but she didn't tell him no either.  She hinted and she beat around the bush, but she should've dashed his hopes in the beginning.  Why didn't she?  Game.  She still wanted him as an ally and in her back pocket.  As long has she didn't hurt his feelings too badly, he would still think there was hope.  As long as there was hope, there was someone in her corner willing to stand up for her.

Let me just say that Frankie's ability to mastermind her eviction and get Caleb to not only go along with it, but think it was his idea...BRILLIANT.  This is the kind of game play I can get behind.  Frankie is playing an excellent social game.  Everyone loves him.  Everyone spills their guts to him and he uses all of the information to his advantage.  I can't wait to see Caleb's face when he watches the shows when he gets out.  He keeps referring to himself as the king of the house...he's in for a rude awakening.

I think Amber handled her eviction with a lot of class.  She got out-played and she admitted it outright.  I would hope I would feel the same way in that situation.  It's easy to be bitter and pissed when someone outplays you, but it's a game.  The whole object is to outplay.  You hope that you are the one accomplishing it, but if it happens to you and you find yourself outside talking to the Chenbot, being able to recognize the other player's accomplishment says a lot about the type of player you are.

Team America - their mission was to vote against the house and publicly accuse two people of casting the off votes.  It would've been very easy to pull off, but Donny couldn't get behind it.  He saw it as too much of a risk to his own game.  He's right...he's not one to accuse anyone of anything and for him to take on that characteristic would've been completely out of character.  I just wonder if "technically" it had to go down like that.  Derrick wanted Frankie to accuse Zach of stirring the pot and voting to keep Amber.  Emotions are high on nomination night and that wouldn't be such a big deal.  Derrick wanted Donny to accuse Caleb of not being able to go through with voting against amber and he would then jump in and co-sign.  That was the part of the plan Donny wasn't comfortable with.  Derrick is smart in the fact that he wanted Donny to jump out there and he would tag along for the ride, but he didn't want to assume the responsibility of the act.  Derrick even went so far as to let America know that he was down with the plan, but it was Donny that wouldn't go through with it.  I wonder if Derrick were willing to be the accuser and led Donny sort of jump on the bandwagon if he would've been okay with that.  Derrick wasn't going to jeopardize his game in that way, but since Donny was so adamant about not wanting to do it he can easily say that Donny was the one that didn't want to complete the mission.  I agree with them though.  If you think it's something that can ultimately hurt your game and send you out of the house, it isn't worth it.  You're there to win $500,000 and $5,000 per mission isn't enough to put that in danger.

They ran out of time during the live broadcast and couldn't finish the True/False HoH competition, so it had to continue off-air.  What I don't understand is why didn't the end it in a tiebreaker like they always do, asking the HGs a numerical question and have the two people closest without going over be the new HoHs.  I haven't watched tonight's ep yet, so it'll be good to see who was left standing at the end.


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