Big Brother 16: Predictability

As expected, Zach was evicted from the house.  I was kinda hoping he would win his way right back in.  He was the only one I actually wanted to see return.  Jocasta was a definite no for me, Hayden I didn't care about either way and Nicole's voice just grates on my nerves.  Nicole won her way back into the house in a competition I've never seen before.  It took luck and skill.  The competition clothes could've been a little more flattering...they all look like they'd just rolled out of bed.  Why yes, I do think Jocasta keeps bow ties on her nightstand so she can throw one on at a moment's notice.

The HoH competition was a memory game where you had to recall what day certain events took place.  I've always wondered how one would keep track of that sort of thing.  To my knowledge they don't let you keep notes or jot anything down.  I'd have to try and take some beaded necklace and keep track that way.  Ooops, can't give away any secrets. I'm still hoping they pick me for this one day!

Everyone in the house now wants Donny out and Nicole back out, so she had to be really frustrated to be knocked out by Victoria of all people.  She's merely window dressing at this point and will be carried along as long as her vote is useful.  I wonder what her strategy actually was coming into the house, because she isn't giving any indication that she ever had one.  Donny and Cody come down to the wire and Cody wins HoH.

Donny is now trying to save his own skin and tell everyone that they need to start looking out for their individual game.  He's right, but that can be done once he's out of the house.  I don't know that I'd see him being loyal to anyone for any amount of time.  At this point he would have no other choice than to hop from power to power. The only problem with that is that all of the people in power are alliance members and talk to one another.  Derrick tried to get him to open up and Donny denied saying things Derrick knew to be true.  Guess Team America is officially out the window.

Cody puts up Donny and Nicole.  If one of them wins PoV (I could see Donny pulling that off more so than Nicole) he could always try to back door Christine or Nicole.  I think they would go after getting Christine out before Frankie.  We will have to see how it all shakes out Wednesday.


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