Big Brother 16: Shifty, Lowdown, Gritty and Grimy

This house gets turned upside down on such a frequent basis, it's a wonder everyone doesn't get motion sickness.  Maybe they do and it's just disguised as DRAMA.

Well Frankie decided to come out of the proverbial closet where his sister is concerned.  He told them that he's a YouTube star with over a million followers and that he's playing for charity to build schools in Africa. It's. All. GAME.  Everything he said was true, but it was totally to try and "explain away" his paranoia.  If you tell them that your main lie is what made you go crazy, then expose said main lie, it's supposed to make everything better, right?  Well, he's safe this week but he's GOT to win HOH to have any chance of staying in the house longer, unless something MAJOR happens within the next 24 hours...which is actually very possible.  See former statement about the topsy-turvyness of the BB house.

Side Note: When Frankie is airing his laundry to the guys, Derrick made the comment that "most of us are who we say we are".  Zach says "All of us are who we say we are!".  Derrick can't be caught in a lie, technically he left himself out of the honest players equation by saying "most of us".  Good move, Derrick.

Zach is freaked out, so much so that he breaks down in the DR talking about how he feels so betrayed by his bestie Frankie.  Truly a far cry from the guy who entered the house vowing not to give a damn about anyone else in the house.

OTEV is back, this year as a Pissed off Penguin and voiced by the one and only Gilbert Gottfried.  I guess he's hurtin' since he lost that AFLAC money.  Anyhoo, the HGs have to listen to OTEV's clue and return with the corresponding houseguest's name.  This year it's alcohol themed!  Christine, Donny, Zach, Nicole, Derrick and Caleb play for the Golden Power.  The final two comes down to Caleb and Zach, where Zach tells Caleb that since he's safe for the week, if he wants to slow down his pace on the last question that would be all right with him.  Caleb responds with "Beast Mode Cowboy don't throw no competitions".  Um..what the HELL!?!?  Is his memory really that short?  Not only did he throw Abra-Ca-BoB-Ra for Amber (which she didn't ask for, I might add) he didn't even play in the BotB comp with Frankie.  Is he really serious with this right now?  Turns out it didn't matter because Zach walked away with the W, saving his own neck in the process.

Now THIS is where it gets interesting.  #Zankie mend their fences, but I can't tell if the acting job Zach eluded to was acting like he was good with Frankie, or acting like he was as angry as he led everyone to believe.  The tears in the DR would leave one to believe that it's the former.  Now that Zach is safe, he starts running around the house going off at the mouth.  He told Victoria all about the Detonators and Victoria, believing she has a genuine final two deal with Derrick, is floored.  She feels hurt and betrayed and starts, you guessed it...crying.  She has been completely useless in the house this summer, in my opinion.  Derrick has kept her close to ensure a vote in his back pocket but we're on the back nine of this game now.  Fewer people means fewer people to talk to...hence fewer secrets kept.

In order to cover his tracks, Zach tells Derrick that Nicole is the one who let all of Derrick's secrets slip and Victoria now feels betrayed.  Derrick decided that he knows Zach is lying and decides to call him out in front of everyone. All Zach can do is cop to it, trying to play the denial game wouldn't work for him with his history in the house of being a loose cannon.  Meanwhile Derrick remains squeaky clean.  He's an excellent game player, I'll give him that.  If Frankie gets evicted, he's my second choice is definitely Derrick.

It's time for Christine to put up a replacement nominee.  Her only options are Nicole, a Detonator,  or Victoria. Derrick doesn't want either of the first two options because it would ruin his game, so he decides that Nicole is the only answer. Caleb decides to be the one to lie to Christine and tell her that everyone thinks she and Nicole are a team. Zach cosigns this information in typical Zach Attack fashion.  I'm not sure when this conversation took place in relation to the Veto Meeting, but Christine believes her alliance members and puts Nicole up, after she made a deal not to backdoor her.  Nicole of course has no idea why Christine has made this move and a conversation about it is bound to come up.  Even if Christine finds out that her fellow Detonators +1 decided to play her to get Nicole out of the house, she's still screwed.  Keeping Nicole just gets rid of Donny and Christine won't have the numbers to try and pick them off.  Best case their lies hold up, they get rid of Nicole and that's one more obstacle they're gotten out of the way.  Worst case Christine realizes she got played, Nicole still goes and she's alone in the house.  You'd be amazed at what happens when you back someone into a corner, though.

Almost Not Worth Mentioning: Team America's mission was to convince someone to go up as a pawn and get them evicted.  With Donny already sitting on the block, this challenge is too much of a risk.  That's another $5,000 gone for Team America.  The show barely spent two minutes on the entire decision.

Prediction: Nicole is the next member of the jury.

Deja Vu All Over Again: Victoria reminded me a lot of Rachel when she was announcing the start of the Veto comp.


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