Big Brother 16: Frankie's "Grande" Mistakes

I love my man Frankie, but he's panicking and imploding...making it hard for me to defend him.  Let's just cut to the chase, shall we?  Le sigh...

Two new HoH's need to be crowned and after the blow-up in the house, it's a must-win for EVERYONE. Unfortunately, two of the people you least want to win the comp do...Nicole and Christine.  It seems like after a double eviction the person who most wants revenge is the one to win HoH.  Nicole is out for blood and has her sights set on one person...Frankie.

Nicole and Christine no longer share the trust (or the alliance) they once did, but as co-HoHs they need to somewhat work together.  Neither one of them is really sure what to do when Frankie walks in and offers a solution.  He proceeds to confess that he has been working with the other side of the house (Derrick, Cody, Caleb and Zach) and tells Nicole and Christine that they have disowned him.  He tells them that they are only a four-man team and if they can get rid of one of them, the power in the house can shift to the three of them, Victoria and Donny.  Frankie has gone rogue and Christine has no idea what he's doing, especially since he seems to be speaking for her as well.  Of course, his main request is that they don't tell the guys this, because he will truly be dead to them.  MISTAKE #1: Frankie, a couple of days ago you found out that you were Nicole's target and her plan the whole time was to back-door you.  Why do you think that position has changed?  You have just given her all the ammunition she needs to take to the rest of the house to get you evicted.

Zach talks to Nicole and she tells him everything Frankie has shared with her.  Of course runs to Derrick, Caleb and Cody to inform them that Frankie has thrown them all under the bus.  Derrick then devises a plan for Nicole to nominate Zach and Frankie, Zach will throw the comp and Frankie will be evicted.  Nicole doesn't trust Zach, but Caleb volunteers to go up against Frankie and do the same thing.

Christine nominates Donny and Zach, while Nicole nominates Caleb and Frankie.  Frankie is thrilled to be competing with Beast Mode Cowboy and Zach, knowing that Caleb will throw the competition, feels safe and sound.  Zach is done with Frankie and Christine because of the lies and wants nothing more to do with either of them.

At the Battle of the Block, it's Thursday Night Football and both teams have to compete to win their safety.  Frankie quickly realizes that the plan is for Caleb to throw the comp so he will remain on the block.  Caleb lights into Frankie, telling I'm that he's a liar and he knows he was behind Amber leaving.  Amber AGAIN?!?!  Seriously?  In the immortal words of Elsa, LET IT GO.  Frankie wants an opportunity to explain why he told Nicole and Christine what he did.  MISTAKE #2: If you truly have a plan to save yourself that looks as thought you might be throwing your alliance under the bus, you explain said plan to your alliance before you go through with it.  That just proves that Frankie had no Plan B when he blew up everyone else's game.  I think he acted too quickly.  I know things move quickly in that house, but you've always got to have a plan, have a back-up to the plan and then have a back-up to the back-up!  Account for all scenarios!  Caleb then told him that he can play the comp by himself because he refused to help him.

Side Note: The first Sunday Night Football game is the Steelers vs. Ravens.  If I were in that house and they tried to get me to wear a Steelers jersey, I think I would've played the comp in my bra.  After what happened in '09, there's no way in HELL that jersey is ever going on my back.  GO CARDS!

Frankie digs deep for a All-Go-No-Quit-Big-Nuts attitude, plays a two-man competition by himself and ROCKS IT!!  I was so proud of him!  The Beast-Mode title definitely goes to him this week.  I think Zach and Donny panicked during the comp.  At one point Zach tried to go it alone a-la Frankie and that was a big mistake.  Had they worked together the entire time I think they could've won it.  Frankie screams "THIS WAS FOR YOU GRAMPA!  THIS WAS FOR YOU ARIANA! THIS WAS FOR YOU MOMMY! TEAM GRANDE!".  In the heat of the moment I'm not sure if anyone was listening, but if they were Frankie's biggest secret of the summer has just been let out of the bag.  Frankie is now safe for the week and for that I am very happy.  He decidedly needs to mend fences and rebuild trust and he thinks the best way to do that is to tell his fellow HGs that he is Ariana Grande's brother.  MISTAKE #3: If Frankie does this it can put an even bigger target on his back.  The minute a HG learns that someone in the house is related to someone famous, the first thought to run through their minds is "why are you even here?  You don't need the money".  Yes Ariana is the pop star and not Frankie, but celebrity and money is relative (HA!  I made a punny and didn't even mean to!).  If your famous sister has money, then you have money by association.  It's ridiculous, but it's how people think.

Frankie is safe for the week.  If he can win the next HOH, he has a better chance of being safe for another week.  I don't know if he can mend fences with the fellas, if he tries to tuck his tail between his legs and gravitate to the other side of the house, or if he will become the house pariah and have no one to stand with.  For his sake I hope he can last long enough to sway public opinion.  In the BB house it doesn't take as long as you would think.


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