Big Brother 16: Jury Begins!

Yes, folks, we have reached the halfway point of the summer!  Thursday's #DoubleEviction signals the beginning of the Jury selection process.  Big Brother is definitely the best voir dire selection I've ever had to sit through!  Now on to the festivities.

Let me start out by saying that double evictions are ALWAYS messy and this episode proves no differently.  The house wants Zach gone because they feel he is a loose cannon.  Everyone is on board, even the Detonators.  They feel they need to let Caleb in on the decision, since he still has no idea he's on the outside of a power alliance looking in.  Caleb doesn't share the house's view, thinking that the game at this point is all about the numbers.  Zach is currently a number in their favor and Caleb thinks that getting rid of him right now is premature.  Derrick begins to take this information to heart, takes it to Cody and Operation Evict Zach Attack is now at a standstill.  They gather the rest of the Detonators and collectively decide to keep Zach and evict Jocasta.  They leave Nicole and Hayden in the dark, thereby tipping their hand and letting the house know where the real power lies.

When Jocasta is evicted Hayden and Nicole are visibly shocked and immediately go into attack mode.  The double HoH is suspended for the night only to facilitate a double eviction.  Caleb wins HoH and puts up Donny and Hayden.  Man, Donny is a Block expert at this point!  Spencer from Big Brother 15 currently holds the record for the most nominations at nine (albeit usually as a pawn), but I wonder if Donny can stay in the house long enough to surpass that.

Donny wins PoV and decides to use it to save himself.  Donny is a Beast when his life is on the line..Caleb may have some competition for that nickname.  He is literally carried into the house after the comp because he is so winded!  Nicole is then put up and the Showmance couple proceeds to blow up Frankie and Christine's game, saying that they were the ones who wanted Zach out and they had been planting those seeds all the time.  Hayden is evicted and everyone in the house goes on the offense.

Okay, here's where the problems start.  All Zach and Christine need to say at this point is that Nicole's target was always Zach, which EVERYONE knows, and they were just saying they would go along with it to appease the current HoH.  Instead they play the "I have no idea what you're talking about" game, which NEVER works, I might add.  Nicole feels alone and Zach is antagonizing her.  See how quickly things can go back to normal in the BB House?


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