Big Brother 16: Pick An Alliance, People!

First and foremost, shout-out to my honey Kenny for buying me an iPad mini! I'm not feeling my best this evening and it allows me to get my post up from the comfort of my bed. #spoiledbutappreciative

Tonight's ep was a real nail-biter for me.  Knowing that Nicole wanted to make a huge move and back-door Frankie was very stressful. I couldn't fast-forward through the commercials fast enough! Anyhoo...

Caleb starts our evening by being a total punk.  I was gonna say bitch, but I tend to wear my Bitch Badge with honor (hi Cari!!) so I'm not putting him in my league.  He really had the audacity to say that winning the #BattleoftheBlock was worse that losing it because he has to cut his hair?! Are you freaking KIDDING ME right now? I know Zach wanted to punch him in the face. He also tried to goad Zach by reminding him numerous times that he won and Zach lost, which Zach was not disputing, by the way.  I'm glad Zach didn't take the bait. As crazy as his outbursts have been as of late, it could've ended up being a pretty ugly confrontation.

Nicole's dream has been to form an alliance in the HoH bedroom and I can't lie, mine is too.  Good idea.  Accomplishing that goal.  Bad idea. Naming said alliance #TheRationale.  Weakest name this season!

OK, let's recap shall we? The current alliances in the house are:
#TheDetonators: Zach, Cody, Frankie, Christine and Derrick
#TheRationale: Nicole, Cody, Derrick and Hayden
#TheAllianceWithNoName: Nicole, Hayden and Christine
#TheHitmen: Cody and Derrick
#TeamAmerica: Donny, Frankie and Derrick

Um...overlap much? It's hard to tell who is loyal to whom, but I guess that covers your bases IF you can maintain your duplicity.

The alliance on shakiest ground I think is Hayden, Christine and Nicole.  It seems like a classic love triangle without the love. Christine has noticed Nicole becoming closer to Hayden and she felt like odd-woman out.  She decided to play to Nicole's emotions and plant seeds of doubt concerning Hayden, telling Nicole that Hayden has not only made out with Victoria, but hat he wants Zach to stay.  It's a good plan on paper, but unfortunately that's where it ends.  This season has been the epitome of Bros Over Hos (not that I'm calling any do these wonderful women a ho, but you get the imagery) and as soon as she gets a chance she runs to Hayden and tells him about it.  None of it is true, but even if it were I think that Nicole would still side with Hayden.  The women aren't trusting each other this season.  Unfortunately I called that early on.

Christine also told Nicole thT she should put up one of two well-liked Detonators to ensure Zach's eviction, knowing they would forgive Nicole for using them as a pawn.  Nicole tells this to her newly formed alliance, two of the members being Detonators and the toe people Christine suggested as pawns. What Nicole neglects to mention to them is the whole pawn aspect of the plan, which of course infuriates the guys, thinking that one of their own is going against the grain.  They decide collectively that the best course of action for their game is for Frankie to be successfully back-doored.

The Power of Veto players have been selected: Nicole, Zach, Jocasta, Christine, Victoria and Caleb.  They players have to zip line across a window and view comic book covers created of all of the HGs. They then have to remember the order of said covers and complete their shelf in the least amount of time.  This comp is huge for everyone involved. They only way to guarantee safety is to win it and save yourself.  Everyone does well in the comp, well, except for Victoria who reached the max disqualifying time of 35 minutes.  I guess Beast Mode Cowboy didn't give her the pep talk she received before the BotB comp earlier in the week.  I am thrilled that Christine pulled it out and won the PoV.

Christine's alliance with Nicole is on the rocks, so she doesn't know if she should use the Veto or not. I don't know if it's just the editing, but if Nicole and Christine didn't have the obligatory conversation regarding what to do with the veto, it speaks VOLUMES to the status of their alliance, or lack thereof. Christine decided not to use the Veto and will try to convince the other Detonators that they don't use Zach.  I personally hope Jocasta leaves.  I think I've mentioned on more than one occasion that I'm done with her ass and she can go.  Zach is crazy, but he makes the house interesting.  He's a half-assed villain and. Jocasta is a supreme floater.  I say get rid of her.

Holy CRAP I forgot tomorrow is a Double Eviction.  Those nights are always the ones filled with the most surprises and some of the biggest game moves.  As much as I hate to say it, a Double Eviction is when you want to take out power players...especially one with an aiming social game such as Frankie (sorry Frankie!!).  It's such a rapid-fire night it can throw you off of your game.  There's also less time to work your social magic and talk your way out of situations.  I really hope it doesn't happen, but tomorrow would be the night to try and make it happen.


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