Big Brother 16: Oh Donny Boy...

The PoV was crucial this week, with neither Donny nor Nicole wanting to be evicted from the house.  With that being said, they couldn't have gotten a worse competition to play...the counting competition.

BB gives you a small snapshot of a count of items, then asks you to count the same items on a much larger scale, being the closest to the actual number of items to win the point.  It's an educated guess at best, with the added bonus of not having to worry about going over the actual number of items.  If you go over by three but the next number is under by six, you still win.  This is all about gambling and gambling is all about belief.  The belief that you've got the hand to win.  You can't bluff in this game because everyone is separated by a partition.  I hate to say it, but you can't win if you don't play.  How's that for cliche?

After hearing everyone's bid, you have the option of playing your number to see if you come close, or folding to live to play another round.  Good Idea: folding to continue.  Bad Idea: folding to continue when you have one person willing to stay and play every time.  If you've got no one going up against you, you're guaranteed a point.  This is exactly how Cody won the game.  Nicole and Donny were too scared to play and Cody picked up on it.  He won his three necessary points and easily walked away with the PoV.  Being the HoH for the week, he now held all of the power.  He would only save someone from the block if he WANTED to. Meanwhile...

America gave Team America the mission of creating their own mission.  America would vote and it had to impress us so much that we would vote to accept their mission and give them their $5,000.  Donny wanted the mission for Team America to be saving him from eviction. He felt that America had voted them to be a team for a reason and that they shouldn't disband just yet.  While Derrick wanted Donny to stay in the game for his own reasons, Frankie wanted Donny out of the game.  Frankie could not be convinced and he decided that they HGs should put on a play.  They decided to each dress up and role-play as an evicted houseguest. It was cute and all, but way too easy to be worthy of $5,000.  HGs get stir-crazy in that house, so deciding to play dress up for a few laughs is far from far-fetched.  I didn't buy it an neither did America. They voted against the mission during the live show.

Nicole won her way back into the house, but it looks to be very short lived unless she mends some fences.  She decides to cozy up to Christine again in the hopes of "keeping her enemies closer".  I'm sure this eases Christine's conscience, who let her alliance get the better of her and use her HoH to get rid of a threat she wasn't yet ready to neutralize.  She shouldn't trust it though and only take Nicole so far.  Nicole also decides to start hanging out with Victoria, which should be very much considered a "too little, to late" situation.

Frankie sees Nicole getting close with the girls and thinks that maybe Donny leaving isn't the best thing.  He believes that with the Team America connection, if he and Derrick save him Donny will have no choice but to trust them and he would be more of an ally than Nicole would.

Frankie decides to take this information to the fellas and see if they can change the house's mind and get rid of Nicole.  They don't bring Christine in because as far as they're concerned, she's the first Detonator go to when they have to start picking each other off. Caleb wants Nicole gone, as does Frankie.  When asked outright, Derrick doesn't want to tip his hand and says he's torn.  He's been planting seeds all week to possibly keep Donny, but if it actually gets out and he leaves, he has no chance of making Nicole an ally. He's a smart, smart man.  Cody, however, does not budge.  He feels Donny has been sliding off of the block for weeks, is very afraid of him and wants him gone.  Therefore, Cody keeps the nominations the same.

Despite his best efforts, Donny is evicted from the house.  He really is a sweet guy, but not built for this game.  He did somehow manage to get a guest appearance on The Bold and the Beautiful. Talk about #random!

The HoH competition has HGs running up and down a very slippery slope...literally.  They have to take a measuring cup of liquid down to a snowman's head and fill it enough to raise a lump of coal.  The first person able to grab their coal wins HoH.  There is also a smaller snowman head that if filled, would give the filler a prize of $5,000 along with a punishment of 5,000 "hollas", where said person would be bombarded with shout-outs for the remainder of their stay in the house. As of the end of broadcast, no one was going for the prize.  No one should. There is not one person in the house that should feel so safe they shouldn't be going after HoH.  Caleb looked to be the most comfortable in the competition, whereas Victoria was the exact opposite.  I don't think she's a threat to win at all, but given her season that's not a surprising statement.

Side Note: I'm really surprised with all of the secret-spilling that's happened this year, no one has told Caleb there's a Detonators alliance that he isn't "officially" a part of and they're letting him relive the Bomb Squad days by stringing him along.


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