Big Brother 16: Time Travel IS Possible!

Who needs a Tardis when you've got a shiny gold button in the BB house?! First, let me do a bit of time travelling of my could I forget Team America?  They had to convince the rest of the house there was a rodent in the house and keep them up all night trying to catch it.  Mission completed...HILARIOUSLY.  Frankie's high-pitched squeal was classic!  It was definitely fun to watch.

Okay, down to business.  Derrick = the new Beast Mode.  His mental game is on point!  He covers all of his bases really well.  If Victoria were to stay, she's in his back pocket.  If she were to leave, he's gotten her to convince Frankie she's mad at him and won't vote for him in the final two, hopefully making him consider taking Derrick if it were to come down to them.  On.  Point.  PERIOD.  She's happy to do it, too!  She's got a point.  You've gotta know when to fold 'em, you know?

Side Note: Julie is looking fabulous tonight.

Well, I was incorrect in how they would reveal.  Locking Derrick out of the DR so he couldn't vote was cute.  It never occurred to me that they would play all of the exact same competition either.  Must be all these late nights staying up watching and blogging getting to me.  I'm glad that's how they're choosing to do it and I'm also glad that I did call the fact that Derrick wouldn't be able to play.  As Julie announced the twist and that Victoria and Cody would be coming off of the block, Derrick almost gave himself away a little.  He jumped up to congratulate Victoria, but had to keep his composure so as not to give away their ruse.  Victoria condemning him on live TV?  A very nice touch.  It sucks for Derrick not to be able to secure his safety yet again but if he can just stay the course everything should be fine.

As they replayed Seed Saw everyone seemed to be doing really well.  Even Victoria had quite a few seeds in her shovel (I still say it looks like a spade with a very long handle).  It's too bad they didn't finish the comp.  Who will win is anyone's guess. Even with all of the practice Frankie and Caleb dominated the comp last time, so my money would still be on them.  If Frankie wins, this week really could play out just as it did last week. If he doesn't, he very well might be screwed.

If Cody wins, he's taking his shot at Frankie.  He'd be dumb not to.  You have to put him up and pray he doesn't win Veto.  You can no longer successfully count on a back-door option because everyone plays in the Veto now.

If Caleb wins, Derrick and Cody are definitely going to try and convince him to put up Frankie, but will he, CAN HE stay loyal?  Frankie just needs to get in his ear and talk up Derrick's game.  That might give him a shot.

If Victoria wins?  Get your winter mittens, 'cause hell hath finally frozen over.  Sorry, hon.  Girl power and all, but winning comps is not where your strengths lie.  Your fashion sense and amazing self confidence are what you've got going for you.  Keep cultivating those, love. Hey, I made a farming joke.  Punny!

Julie talking to Dan was nice as well.  He will always be one of my absolute favorite players in the game.  He and Derrick play an amazing mental game and given my ambition to be on the show I really admire that.  See ya Sunday!  Only two more weeks?!? YIKES!!


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