Big Brother 16: Final Five

We're getting down to it now, aren't we?  I wouldn't have picked this particular group of 5, but I definitely knew Frankie and Derrick would make it.  Victoria?  There's gotta be some people in Vegas whose long shot bets are really paying off.  All that's left to talk about are who should go home with week, Veto and the button.

The countdown is still counting down, with no one knowing what's in store.  I'm interested to see how BB handles the reveal.  It should hold all of the dramatic flair we've come to know and love most times/hate others.

The veto comp is very important this week.  There's only so many people to nominate so it's a must-win for everyone.  This time it's the BB Freakshow, where the facial features of the HGs have been mixed up to create some pretty *ahem*, "exotic" people.  You had to guess the three people it took to make up each circus freak in the shortest amount of time.  Guess who won?  You'll never guess...Victoria.

HA!  Kidding!  It took her almost 18 damn minutes to get through the comp, the longest out of everyone.  Just to compare, Frankie won in just under 6 minutes and Derrick was hot on his trail in just over 6 minutes.

Side note:  Victoria said in the DR that she was the competition princess and that she and Derrick have been controlling the house the whole time.  She is going to "reward his loyalty" by taking him to the final two.  Delusion?  Party of one?  Right this way please...

Frankie has now won 3 comps in a row.  I don't think the target can get any bigger at this point.  It's all about winning and playing the game.  He didn't want to have to choose between his other alliance members, so his winning was the only guarantee that his noms would stay the same.

While playing Devil's Advocate and pondering getting one of his boys out of the house, he ultimately decided to remain loyal and not change his nominations.  That was the absolute best move he could've made considering the BB Rewind twist they're about to be hit with.  I am settling down to watch tonight's ep now, so don't ruin it for me!!

Here's something...if BB is doing a full rewind and this past week never happened, Derrick shouldn't be allowed to play in this HoH competition either...all things being equal.  I wonder if BB is gonna deal that hand.  I think they should if they want to keep it pure.  HA!  BB?  Pure?  I've got a million of 'em tonight!  Be back in an hour...


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