Big Brother 16: Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow...

Two eps in one recap, here we go...

The Veto comp is crucial to Frankie's game.  He was able to win it the first go 'round without any study time, so this time should be a piece of cake, right?

The HGs use a piece of pita bread with a rectangle cut out so that they can study the individual features of the faces on the memory wall.  Pretty clever, whoever came up with that little tidbit. Frankie is worried and he should be.  He recognizes the 'glittery, neon target' on his back and he is the only one he can trust to guarantee his safety.  One by one, the players got to go in the backyard to compete.  The pics were changed up and the final one was comprised of six different features for double the difficulty.  In a twist, there was a clock showing the time to beat.  That definitely adds extra pressure, I would think.  When the HG was done, they got to go up to the HoH room and watch the rest of the competitors complete the comp.  Cody smoked it.  He wasn't kidding when he said he wanted that veto medal.  He's won a comp here and there, but he definitely kicked it into overdrive this time around.  Cody doesn't use the Veto and noms stay the same.

Frankie is evicted by a unanimous vote, but he kept a smile on his face.  I learned through tonight's ep that he was told he was going home, so it wasn't a blindside like they caught Christine with.  What he did right before eviction pissed me off though.  To sit there when you know you're going home and tell the people remaining that you are the best speaker in the house and you will single-handedly decide who wins the game by persuading everyone in Jury to vote your way is presumptuous at best and arrogant at worst.  He had me up until that point.  I'm sure he was lashing out because he knew he had been out-played, but Cody said it best when he said "dude, you're not Jesus in this house".  Sorry, Frankie..but that jack-assery just single-handedly knocked  you off of the little pedestal I had you on.

Frankie's gone and in a memory Before or After game, Derrick won HoH and solidified his spot in the final three.  He spoke to all of the HGs and told them they were good with him.  They all believe him, too.  Keeping Victoria so close was a good move, because she wasn't close with anyone really.  He didn't have to worry about her blabbing their final two deal all around the house and getting busted.  He and Cody have had their deal from the beginning and Cody isn't gonna screw that up, he's been riding Derrick's coat tails for weeks now.  Caleb is a blabbermouth, but he's ride-or-die until the end...unfortunately he's riding by himself and he just doesn't know it.  Everyone expects Victoria to go up so that's a no-brainer. Derrick let's Cody believe that he's not putting him up because Cody asked him not to, meanwhile getting Caleb to volunteer himself for nomination.   Every time Caleb has done that (this makes 4) he's felt completely safe. Unfortunately his luck has run out.

Derrick really did place himself in the best possible situation.  He wins HoH so he can make the nominations.  He throws the PoV in a comp where absolutely no one can see that he's throwing it.  Cody wins so he has to be the one to send Caleb home, AND because it's final 3 he can play in the last round of HoH comps.  I cannot say this enough, I truly respect his game play and hope to play just like him one summer (putting my own fabulous twist on it, of course).

Cody evicts Caleb, spilling the beans on the whole Hitmen alliance.  Because Victoria can't win anything, the confession really is a non-issue.  If she were a competitor I would've been pissed at Cody for revealing that, essentially telling my fake final two deal that it is in deed a fake deal.  It would be the upset of the century if somehow Victoria were to win the final HoH and take Cody because she found out Derrick has been lyng to her all along.  Knowing Derrick, he can spin it saying "yes, Cody thinks we have a final two deal, but once we win the final HoH we're gonna send him packing" and give V a little bit of false hope.  Ideally, Derrick and Cody will win rounds 1 and 2.  That way no matter who he plays, he's guaranteed final two.  That way they're playing against each other.  He can throw that and make Cody evict Victoria, making it seem like he just didn't win and it's all Cody's fault.  If Victoria were to win and evict Cody, that would be out of Derrick's hands as well, leaving his hands completely spotless.  We've got three rounds of HoH comp left.  I don't see Victoria winning any of it, so it makes me wonder if Derrick will win and apologize to Victoria for leading her on, or if he'll throw it and make Cody the bad guy.  I think if he owns up to his deception he will lose Victoria as a jury vote.  Only one more week!  I'm going to try my best and blog during the live show with a stream-of-consciousness type of vibe.  Hopefully I can get the kids in bed in time!

Side Note: If Derrick wins, he gets an additional $50,000 because he was on Team America?  NICE.  Now I just wonder who America will vote for when it comes to America's Favorite.  I'm 99.9% sure it'll be Donny.  He's a sweet guy, just no social game.


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