And The Winner Is...

Pretty much whom I expected, but more on that in a bit.

We're down to the final three...Derrick, Cody and Victoria.  To see a secret final two alliance formed in the beginning of the season make it this far AND still manage to stay a secret is pretty damn good.  It's down to the wire now, with three competitions left to play.  It's the "most important HOH of the summer".  I love how that's said every week, because every week it pretty much is.

The first comp is endurance, as expected.  The three HGS have to hang on to a hang gliding pole and keep their feet on a small platform while their bodies are almost parallel to the ground and experiencing what feels like a torrential downpour.  The comp lasted a little over an hour, with Victoria falling before the 60 minute mark.  Good for her for staying up as long as she did.  You'd think that Derrick and Cody would decide who would fall first fairly quickly given their final two deal, but Derrick is hemming and hawing about how he's not completely comfortable with his chances going up against Victoria in round 2.  We all know it's going to be a test of both mental and physical skill, so I'm not sure what Derrick's reservations were.  Of course winning the first comp and skipping right to the end is ideal, but I can't truly believe he thought VIctoria had a chance of winning any of the rounds.  After realizing that Cody wasn't gonna give it up, Derrick decided to end the misery and jump down, giving Cody round 1.

Side Note: I know I've said it before, but I'm really impressed with Production and their competition layouts this year.  They really outdid themselves.  I truly felt the HGs were hang gliding above a little neighborhood.  A+ team!

On to round 2, where Derrick and Victoria have to not only remember the order in which everyone was evicted, but they have to remember who sat beside them during that eviction AND scale a large wall to put all of the pictures in order.  The times are revealed and Derrick took half the time Victoria did and completed the comp in a little over 15 minutes.  Victoria took 30.  So it's on to round 3 during the live show.

The jury got to debate the merits of each of the final 3 Houseguests with none other than Big Brother legend Dr. Will Kirby.  While everyone admitted that Derrick played a flawless game, Cody also seemed to get some recognition for being the eyes and ears of their alliance and gaining the trust of everyone in the house (a position that Frankie was ultimately going for until he got a bit ahead of himself) and using that information to help make Hitmen decisions.  Hell, even Victoria got some love and Caleb said he'd vote for her just for the simple fact that she got as far as she did and no one ever thought she would.
Almost Not Worth Mentioning: Jocasta wasn't wearing a bow tie!

Victoria is evicted from the house and joins her jury mates on stage to ask final questions and ultimately decide who will win the grand prize.  I liked how both Derrick and Cody played up their strengths instead of throwing each other under the bus to try and win.  The Hitmen truly are ride-or-die and I really respect that.  Now I don't know if Derrick not winning the final HoH was strategy or not, but I think it worked out perfectly.  He wasn't the one who had to send Victoria packing.  I said in my last post that would be the most ideal situation for him, still keeping an ally and potential vote in Jury.  If he had to be the one to send her home, I could totally see her being mad and not voting for him on impulse.  Even when she placed her key in the box she said she was voting for "the one who stayed loyal to her the entire game".  I guess everyone has their own personal truth, but he didn't stay loyal to you, honey. He kept you for as long as he could to benefit his just so happened he was able to do that up until the very end.

The non-jury members join the cast and the Team America twist is revealed, showing all of the jury members just how far they went to accomplish their missions.  Everyone was shocked, but Nicole guessed 2 out of 3 members when asked.   The votes are in, and by a vote of 7-2, Derrick won BB16.  I am really happy for him.  Never being nominated and never even being disliked by anyone is an amazing feat.  He also revealed to the house that he had been an undercover cop and not revealing that was a main part of his strategy.  Apparently Frankie guessed he was a cop during some conversation and Derrick denied it.  Good for him.  Frankie went in not wanting to tell anyone his secrets, but he ended up digging a hole that he couldn't get out of and needed a little star-powered help.

Well, if you've come along on this journey with me by watching the show and reading my recaps, thank you so much for the support!  I'd love to say that I hope you'll be back next season when I'll most likely be doing the same thing, but to be honest I want to be in the house next year!  If I'm in I hope you'll root for me and if I'm not...well I'll be sure to keep the recaps interesting.  I'll have to give more predictions as well just to see how I really stack up.  Happy Finale, everyone!

OMG!  I totally forgot to mention that Donny won America's Choice, but that's probably because it was a no-brainer.  Shocked that Julie didn't mention Derrick's extra $50,000 for being Team America and winning.  Guess there's no use adding insult to injury.


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