Big Brother 16: Home of the Blindside, or Buoyancy is a Bitch

Thursday's double elimination had one expected and one not-so-expected, but also not surprising eviction.  As figured, Nicole was unanimously evicted from the house.  Victoria's life in this house would make any floater proud, and Rachel Reilly yank out her extensions.  Victoria managed to dig deep and win one competition to save her butt in this game, otherwise she has done absolutely nothing in this game but follow the power, which essentially means following Derrick.  I mean, not to knock the couple, but it's Jordan and Jeff without the showmance. Don't get me wrong, they're cute and all, but Jordan did ride Jeff's coattails the entire season and still managed to pull out the win.  I don't see the same fate for Victoria.  At least people in the house liked Jordan.  This cast has been talking about not liking Victoria since day two.

With Nicole gone, it's time to move on to the competition.  In What the Bleep?, HGs have to remember what the bleeped out word from a former houseguest is.  Julie gave them a word and they had to guess either True or False.  In a rare occurrence, Derrick was the only one to guess correctly on the first question.  At first I was shocked that Derrick would try to win a HoH comp, but this is actually the best one for him to win.  He can go for a target of everyone's in the house and not get any real blood on his hands.  Side note: I wish I could remember what season they started using that phrase.

Derrick already has his plan determined before he even "talks" to the houseguests before the rushed nomination ceremony.  He wants to nominate Christine and get her evicted, but on the off chance that she wins the PoV he will put Frankie up and back-door him.  Christine is no big loss, maybe he'll lose her vote as a jury member, but that's about it.  If Frankie gets evicted everyone in both houses will be okay with that...the BB house and the Jury house.  Caleb told Frankie about the talk of back-dooring him before the live show just so he wouldn't hear it from someone else.  Frankie's not stupid, he knew it was a legit conversation even though Derrick tried to convince him otherwise.  At this stage in the game Frankie would be an idiot to think that he's not a target and a threat.

Derrick nominates Victoria and Christine.  Christine thinks that Victoria is the target since she is the last holdout not in their alliance, except Caleb. At this point, he's probably been grandfathered in.  The HGs go out to the backyard to play the veto where they have to navigate a ball through a series of three labyrinth-type puzzle boards.  Frankie makes quick work of this comp and wins the PoV. It's a good thing too because Christine wasn't far behind and if she had won, Frankie would be on the next thing smokin'.

Frankie doesn't use the Veto and Christine is evicted.  She definitely took it personally and didn't speak to anyone on her way out.  She didn't show it on her face when her name was called, but she was completely blindsided.  When she went out to meet Julie she was also met with many boos from the audience.  At first I thought maybe they were booing because she got evicted, but then I thought they were booing because of the whole flirtmance thing with Cody.  Being married I definitely think she took it too far.  I can't see Kenny being okay with me being that touchy-feely with a HG.

BB also announced the emergence of yet a new twist...the BBRewind.  There is an ominous button that if pressed, will erase the entire week and all comps will be re-done.  The HoH reign, the PoV, all of it will be as if they never happened.  As the show signed off the HGs were staring at the BBRewind button on  the video wall.  They didn't appear to have been given an explanation of the button because they were all speculating what it could be for.  Frankie kept telling Caleb "if you press it, we'll know it was you and I'll kill you".  The circumstances around who could hit the button and when was not revealed, so we'll just have to wait and see on that part.

How the next few weeks play out all depends on who's winning comps.  Victoria could be the next one out, leaving the fellas to battle it out as the Bomb Squad originally planned.  Derrick has been running the show behind the scenes for weeks now and he's got a final two deal with Cody and Victoria (or so she thinks). Derrick could very well eliminate Frankie and Caleb, leaving himself and Victoria.  Only problem with that is leaving Victoria to be the last to be evicted means that wound of betrayal will be fresh.  She will probably vote with emotion and Derrick will lose her in the Jury.  If he's smart, Derrick will take a back-seat to winning HoH (which sounds crazy this late in the game) and play puppet master, letting others get Victoria out.  That way he tells her he tried hard to save her and she leaves the house believing that, securing a vote for him in Jury.  They've never said anything, but it's safe to assume with the Team America connection, Frankie and Derrick have an implied final two deal as well.  We'll have to see who won HoH on Sunday's ep and go from there.


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