Big Brother 16: This House Is A Mess...

...and not just because of that slushy HoH.  It's getting down to the wire and everybody's gotta watch their back.  Sunday's ep was all about the HoH comp and who was gonna slide into that spot (ha, punny).  It was most definitely a battle, but Caleb managed to prevail. Christine and Frankie were right on his heels though, I gotta give it to them.  Nicole decided to offer Christine a bit of comp advice, hoping she could get in her good graces. It backfired because it seemed as though she were trying to get back in with her old running buddy, fueling Frankie's fire with his theory of the girls ousting the boys.

Derrick just could not get it together and decided he was safe enough to go for the $5k prize.  He won that easily, but also received a punishment of "5,000 hollas", where different versions of "HOLLA!!" are shouted over the speakers. It's really a punishment for everyone, so Derrick definitely came out on top with the money.

With Caleb as HoH, all of the guys feel they're sitting pretty. After hearing Nicole gave Christine advice during the comp, it is all but decided that the two of them need to go up against each other.  Cody is angling for Frankie to go up because he is a real threat to his game.  I get it, everyone is a threat at this point, so why not try to use someone else's HoH to so your dirty work? You've just gotta make sure they think it was their idea.  Derrick and Frankie are the current champions of that move and Cody won't be dethroning either of them anytime soon.

Cody puts up Nicole and Christine.  Caleb wanted Nicole out before Donny anyway, so that's no shock. Caleb said to Christine "you know why I put you up" during his speech and I think it was to make her feel like she ends to step up and win Veto so Nicole can be sent packing.  Little does she know that members of her alliance no longer trust her and she could just as easily be walking out the door.  I always knew she would be the first Detonator casualty.  Low hanging fruit.  It'll be interesting to see what comp they draw for PoV and if Nicole can get it together to pull herself off.  Personally I hope not.  I'm ready for it to be down to Detonators on the house so the bloodshed can really begin.  Not to mention there's another double eviction this week.

I'm nauseated as hell but I've got to watch tonight's ep so I can get caught up.  Stupid IBS can kiss my ass.


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