Big Brother 16: That Blasted Button!!

Needless to say, the button has been on everyone's mind since the minute it was revealed.  From a game standpoint Frankie and Cody are right, you almost HAVE to press the button.  That's what you're there for! Everyone else was more than apprehensive and they absolutely should be...knowing the game you know it's going to affect the game.

The HoH comp was all about balance.  You had to walk back and forth on a giant spade, carrying seeds (balls) of varying sizes to the end, one by one, and placing them on the spade.  If one of your seeds bounces off or you slip off of your beam, you had to reset and start from the beginning.  As with everything else, Victoria just couldn't get the hang of it and was pretty much out of the comp before it really got going.  Cody had a tough break and had to reset when he was doing quite well.  Caleb and Frankie were neck-and-neck for most of the competition, until one of Caleb's seeds fell off just as he was nearing the end.  This pretty much made the comp Frankie's to lose.  He pulled it off and became HoH.  After the comp, everyone ran to the button to see if anything had changed.  The casing had been removed, exposing the button and making it ripe for the pushing.  The group debated it a little more and in my head I'm screaming "Don't touch it!  Don't touch it!!"  As much shit as Frankie gets, I still like him as a player and he's really the only player this twist adversely affects.  Of course, they reluctantly make the decision to press it, which activates a countdown clock to Wednesday night.

Because of the back-door plan last week, Frankie contemplates striking first this week.  He'd be completely justified in doing so, but he would have to strike hard and make a big move.  Conversely, he could just stay the course, get Victoria out and let the fellas duke it out amongst themselves.  He decides to nominate Victoria and Cody, which given the twist I was very happy about.  Victoria is the last holdout of the non-alliance members and someone had to go up against her.  Given his options Frankie himself said that Cody has only saved him once, while Caleb and Derrick have saved him twice. Using that logic it makes sense to use Cody as the pawn.  There will be a few things that will be interesting to see this week:

- If the PoV is won and used, who will Frankie put up as a replacement nom?  Worst case scenario is Victoria winning and using it, which would be a COMPLETE shock to the system.  Even if Cody wins it and takes himself off, who Frankie puts up is anyone's guess. He's Team America with Derrick, but he and Caleb have been close.  He might just put up Derrick since he's never experienced being on the block and that's even been thrown out there a couple of times.
- If I know Big Brother, they will most likely let the voting take place on Wednesday and when it gets to eviction time, say something like "Insert Name Here, with two votes to evict, you WOULD'VE been evicted, but with the BB Rewind button being pressed it cancels out everything that has happened this week.  Everyone is safe and everyone head out to the backyard for the Head of Household competition."  They could very easily not let the vote take place and just do a reset, but where's the drama in that?  If the person who would've been evicted knows they were about to go home, it may give them a newly found fire and help them play even harder in the HoH competition.

Either way it gives Frankie a chance to compete in the HoH comp which is very good for his game.  I can't believe we're coming down to the wire.  I hate to see it leave every summer!  Season 9 where we were in the midst of a writer's strike and a season took place during the winter was wonderful.  Sadly, it was pretty forgettable beyond that.


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