Child Abuse

No, I'm not talking about the kind inflicted on children...I'm talking about the kind my child inflicted on me!!

A couple of mornings ago I was brushing Gabrielle's teeth.  I started using my toothpaste because we've been practicing spitting out the non-flourinated toothpaste and the doc said it's time to step it up.  She didn't like the taste at all.  Truthfully, it's Aquafresh...I don't like the taste much either.  She wouldn't spit most of it out and she kept frowning her face at it.  I don't remember what I said exactly, but she gave me a look, then raised her hand and tapped my arm.

Granted, it was exactly that...a tap.  I barely felt it, but the look in her eye and the motion of her arm told me all I needed to know.  I looked at her and said "Did you just hit me?"  Being that she's only three years old...she's still too stupid to lie.  So, she nodded "yes".

My first instinct was to whup her A$$!  I even picked her up to put her across my knee.  Then a thought crept into my head. "You can't teach her that hitting is wrong by hitting her", so I put her down and proceeded to tell her in my very angry (and louder than normal) Mommy voice that it was NOT okay to hit ANYONE EVER...ESPECIALLY Mommy.  She proceeded to cry and we carried on with our day.

The next day when it came time to brush her teeth, the first thing she said was "Okay Mommy!  I won't hit!".  I asked  her if she hit at school and she shook her head as if to say "NEVER!".  I don't know why she did it, or where she got it from. I bought her some Dora Flouride Toothpaste today. Hopefully it'll mitigate the morning violence.  I think I got through to her.  If I didn' time I'ma whup her a$$...


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