Big Brother - The Redhead's Reign

Rachel is HoH and the only people happy about it are Brendon and herself.  The entire house is gunning for them and this week is a nightmare for them all.  Everyone thinks that Brendon will be a puppetmaster and guide Rachel to do his bidding.  Even though he's a Physicist, I don't think he's that smart.  They're "in this together" as they say, so she's just not going to do whatever he wants her to.

Tonight was all about the nomination ceremony and who Rachel should put up on the block.  She said she wanted to  put people up who will not further their game.  Honey, that's EVERYONE, and anyone telling you different is LYING.  She couldn't go wrong as far as nominations are concerned.  Everyone wants them out of the house.

Last week Brendon told Hayden that if he wasn't for them he was against them.  Hayden put both Brendon and Rachel on the block, so you'd think an eye-for-an-eye approach would be appropriate...or at least expected.  Nope.  Brendon told Hayden that what happened last week was "old news".  Old news?!!??  From a couple days ago!?!?

The only thing I can think is that being in the house messes with your perception of reality.  You're essentially living your life in a bubble.   You don't know who is really giving you the real deal or blowing smoke.  Rule of thumb though...if someone puts you on the block and then turns right around and tells you that you're cool with them...that's blowing smoke.

We'll see how PoV plays out.  I could see either girl gone, personally.  I don't think either one enhances the game one way or another.


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