Big Brother - Bye Bye Saboteur

Okay, I was debating whether or not to blog this season, but with the sh!tty gameplay I feel like I have to!

This season's twist was that there was a saboteur in the house who wasn't there to win the game.  They were only there to cause drama in the house and make it to the halfway point.  Here are the players in my opinion.  Sorry for some of the sweeping generalizations, but isn't that what reality tv is for?  I fully expect all of you to do the same to me when I get picked for BB.

Andrew - Right now he's just "The Jewish Guy". That's the only thing he's put any emphasis on.

Annie - She seemed to be flying under the radar...

Brendon - Really hot swim coach...secret physicist.  Strong competitor

Britney - Pretty, but doesn't seem to have too much going on upstairs

Enzo - Typical Jersey boy

Hayden - I'd peg him for a surfer...if he weren't from Tempe, AZ.  Dammit, what casting call did he attend?  WHY WON'T THEY PICK ME?!?!?

Kathy - Mom figure in the house.  HORRIBLE competitor...or at least that's the face she's putting on.  She's so bad in competitions I'd be embarrassed to even FAKE being that bad.  I guess if you fake being that bad, no one would ever think you were faking for that exact same reason.  With that being said...super genius?

Kristen - know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about her.  She's flying so low under the radar it isn't even funny.

Lane - Comes off as a big dumb Texan, but I think that some of it is an act

Matt - Supposed super genius. Belongs to Mensa.  He doesn't look the part...but that's the best kind.  Hell, I could prolly belong to Mensa.

Monet - Getting on my nerves.  Dunno why, she just seems hella fake

Rachel - Comes off as a big boobed ditz, but she's a chemist.  You can't be a ditz and be a chemist...or you can't be a ditz, be a chemist and not have already burned  your face off

Ragan - Token gay guy for the season.  Seems nice enough.  He's a college professor so you know he's got brains

When they revealed the saboteur twist to the houseguests everyone immediately started pointing fingers.  The obvious choice was Kathy.  She got "stuck" in the first competion and just gave up.  It seemed like she completely threw the competition.  She's the too obvious choice, so I never thought it was her.

Andrew was coming off like a crazy person, so he was also a too obvious choice.  Turns out the saboteur was Annie.  I never suspected her, but they also didn't give us much footage on her either. Seeing as how she got booted tonight I guess it really doesn't matter.  She played a piss-poor game.  Your goal isn't even to's to stay in the house for five weeks.  She didn't even get kicked out because she was a suspected saboteur...she got kicked out 'cause she threw a diva fit when she was being backdoored!  If you're trying to stay in the house you can't act like an ass and THEN try to double back.

Rachel and Brendon already have a showmance going on, and with Rachel winning Head of Household (HoH) this week they are both safe in the house.

Sorry for the generic post...we're already three eps in and this is my first blog about the show.  I promise to blog following each subsequent show and to be more detailed.

Every year I see a new crop of folks, and every year I convince myself I would have a better game.  Now if I could only convince BB...


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