Big Brother - The Genius Doesn't Seem That Smart

Well, according to Matt he got greedy.  Instead of settling for either Brendon or Rachel, he wanted Brendon to be backdoored and go home.  Picking for the Veto Competition by random draw has been a good thing and a bad thing in my opinion.  I like when everyone played for it back in the day, but the current way keeps the game interesting.  Matt certainly wasn't expecting for both of them to compete.

Of course Brendon won, which solidified both is and Rachel's position in the house for another week.  What I wasn't expecting was for Andrew to pretend to turn on Brendon and Rachel.  I think his speech would've been more believable if he hadn't asked to be saved at the end.  He should've said something along the lines of "with that being said, I don't expect you to use the Power of's not like I thought you'd use it anyway".  What's really funny is that everyone thought Rachel's reaction to the speech was so over-acted...but she was being totally genuine!  Shows what a drama queen she is.

Andrew REALLY lost it when he was giving his "save me" speech before nominations, didn't he?  Andrew didn't belong in that house, he doesn't know how to play the game.  I wonder if anyone is believing that Hayden and Kristen are in a secret Showmance...I think the Brigade does, or they should at least.

And staying true to form, the most targeted couple in the house regains power when Rachel wins HoH.  I personally like it from a game and show perspective.  It's always the people that everyone wants out of the house so bad that end up railroading through the entire house.  It's amazing that it continues to happen Every. Single. Season.  Besides, she's entertaining to watch.  You want her out, but she makes it interesting.  Double-edged sword, IMO.

I wonder if she'll put up Hayden and Kristen after the blow-up argument they had after the competition.  Emotions are always so crazy in the house, I can only imagine trying to play keeping them in perspective.  It will be interesting to see what she does.


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