Big Brother - The Model's Final Runway Walk

Well, Monet is outta there.  It was a good move on Rachel's part, but what I really need to talk about this week is my buddy Matt.

Ok, Matt offers himself up as a pawn because he's playing a "social game" and knows that not only will his alliance The Brigade keep him in, he's got enough other votes to solidify his position.  Even getting Rachel to put the stamp on it by telling everyone that he's only a pawn was a great move...he said himself he didn't think she'd add that part in.  Personally, I don't think I would've...not during the replacement nominee speech anyway.  Where he messed up was telling Britney and Monet that he was gunning for Rachel and Brendon to be out of the house without covering his bases.

1. When he sprung this little plan on Rachel and Brendon in the HoH room, he had Ragan with him.  BIG MISTAKE.  If it ever comes back to bite you in the ass and you need to turn it into a he-said, she-said situation (like um, I don't know...EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED IN THE HOUSE MEETING?!!?!?), DON'T HAVE WITNESSES.  At least, witnesses that aren't in your alliance and down with the plan from the giddy-up.  Ragan now looks at Matt suspiciously, and rightfully so.  That's gonna come up again in this game, I guarantee it.

2. If you are going to play hapless victim, either tell Rachel and Brendon that's what you'll be doing, or only play said role to the one person leaving the house.  Again, another he-said, she-said situation could arise and if you only stir up trouble with the main target for eviction, everyone will think that she's just trying to make a last-ditch effort to drum up votes to stay.  Or if Rachel and Brendon knew that's what you were doing, at least when it got back to them they would already know the deal.  Rachel and Brendon are so paranoid though I'd prolly stick with just badmouthing them to Monet.  So what if Monet tells anyone else what he said?  See my first point in this paragraph...

Eventually Model Monet was the one evicted, but Matt drew unnecessary attention to himself this week, in my opinion.  And since that's what this blog is all about, there you have it.

I don't have Showtime this year (curse you, Responsible Adulthood!!!) So I don't know any spoilers this year.  I kind of like it like that*, so I'll just have to tune in with the rest to find out who's gonna be HoH this week.

*I say that, but if I had Showtime I'd be DVR'ing it like a crazy person.


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