Big Brother 19 - Episode 2: Sh!t's Already Getting Real!

Ok, I'm going to post this update as a stream of consciousness , thoughts as they occur-type deal and see how it goes.

When we last left our crew Cameron had been the first one evicted.  Christmas now knows that she has two enemies right out the gate and she has threats she needs to eliminate.  The only problem is that right now she has no idea that it's Jason and Josh that voted for her.

Jillian wants to know who her two votes were as well (Cody, Mark and I'm sorry, but I couldn't remember his name so I wrote "Silver".).  Paul is surprised that Christmas wasn't voted out, being a clear threat in his eyes.  Mine too, but BB doesn't usually operate that way, and he knows this.

Josh is already freaking out Day 1 regarding missing his family.  I know that the HGs are sequestered before filming starts, so I'm not sure exactly how long he's been away from his family.  Homie needs to get his shit together, it's too early in the game to be talking about how much you miss Mommy.  Mark tries to get Josh to calm down with all of the emotions and Josh confesses to them that during the comp that Megan intimated that she would want to get rid of a strong male competitor if the opportunity arose.  From this statement he comes to the conclusion that there is an all girl alliance plus Ramses.  Why is it the gay guys always end up becoming "one of the girls"?

Now Josh is missing home and feeling guilty about the vote he gave for Christmas, so he's crying on her shoulder.  Ok he's in bed and she's sitting on the bed, but the crying part is still completely real.  He tells he to be careful whom she trusts,specifically calling out Megan.  I don't know if anything else transpired between these two, but he's got it bad for her.  This dude is going on a wild ride of batshit crazy and I for one am going to enjoy the show,

The doorbell rings and it's none other than #BB18 winner Nicole.  Fanboys and girls are thrilled to see her, Paul feels like he's being put through PTSD and Kevin doesn't even know who the hell she is!  He was literally sitting on the couch with no reaction to her presence whatsoever.  Someone actually had to come over to him and say that she was last season's winner!  Then he jumps up and is like "What's her name?" as he walks over to greet her.  Why are you acting like you give a damn when  you find out she was last year's winner?  I'm curious now as to how Kevin even found out about BB.

I still hate her voice.

So it's the first HOH comp of the summer and everyone is divided into teams of four. There are two women and two men per team, selected by a random draw:

Orange - Alex, Christmas (I want to write her name as Xmas so badly because that's how I did it in my notes to save time), Ramses and Jason
Yellow - Elena, Jillian, Kevin and Josh
Pink - Dominique, Jessica, Cody and Matt
Blue - Paul, Mark, Raven and Megan

The backyard is the Garden of Temptation once again.  I wonder if that will be the theme every comp. Each team has to send a person through looped, hanging ropes to get to the other side of the Garden and retrieve a red apple.  They have to climb back through the ropes and hit their buzzer.  The next teammate goes through and retrieves an apple.  Each team must retrieve 8 apples (2 per person).  The first two teams to do this will advance to the next stage.  There are also golden apples in the garden.  If someone brings back a golden apple they are guaranteed safety for the week, but it eliminates the rest of their team from the competition and they do not have a shot at HoH.

Kevin isn't happy about the fact that this first comp is team based.  He has to throw the comp since he took the $25k, but he doesn't want to let other people down.  Should've kept your hand off the buzzer, bruh,

The teams start to collect their apples and Josh immediately goes for a golden apple.  He feels that he is the next person out of the house and therefore wants to guarantee his own safety.  I mean, we are talking next-level paranoid type shit. Paranoid Pete..table for one?  Right this way, please.  He's safe for the week, but he just threw a bullseye over his entire BODY, screw his back!  He's not long for this game.  He can't hack it.  I mean, it's a good thing for Kevin though.  Since they were on the same team he no longer has to throw the competition. Josh took care of that by eliminating the rest of his teammates.  Jack-ass.  The competition continues and as Cody brings back his team's 8th apple, he bumps into Josh and says "Watch out, loser" on his way back to his buzzer.  Man, Cody gives ZERO fucks and he has NO chill.  He was an intelligence officer, how about show some and STFU!

The Pink and Blue teams advance to the next stage.  It was close, but Ramses was the one bringing back the final apple for the Orange team and he fell, so he had to go back and start again.  He started to cry because he felt it didn't show that he was a competitor.  Dude, get it together.  I understand the pressure is high, but this is like, day 1.  If you are feeling all of this now, you'd better get it in check or it's gonna be game over.  Just look at your boy Josh over there...going off on Megan.

Yep, he decided he's gonna call her out for being "a snake and a bully" and "gunning for him".  I guess when Megan said she wanted to take out one of the strong competitors, Josh automatically included himself in that category,  DUDE.  She was saying these things OUT LOUD...TO YOU.  Ten times out of ten she is NOT including you in her assessment of "strong competitors".

In round two, one competitor from each team must balance apples on a tree and keep it from toppling over, then climb back through the ropes to get to the other side and hit the buzzer.  The person from each team competing is the only one who can win head of household and no one from their team is safe.  Usually in a team competition the entire team is at least safe from something. This is an all new season though, expect the unexpected.

Paul is the only one on the Blue team that can compete, since Mark dislocated his finger pretty badly early on in the comp and neither Megan nor Raven want the honor.  Cody's team vote him as the person to compete.  Before the comp, they shake hands and one of them says "Safe no matter what?" and I can't figure out which one.  They both look to be in agreement, so it could've been either one.

The apples are different colors and weights, so the comp is not easy.  You have to balance the apples, but they have to stay on the tree while you traverse back through the rope jungle.  Cody gets his to balance first and makes it to the buzzer to win the comp.  It wasn't even close.

Ok, so it was Paul that said "Safe no matter what?" and h said that Cody nodded his head and shook his hand, so it was a gentleman's agreement.  He felt no need to bring it up to him again because it's done and he feels it will be honored.  Oh Paul, if you only knew just how much Cody does NOT like you!

OMG Josh just called out Megan again in front of the whole house.  Megan is genuinely confused as to why he keeps going off on her. Once again he calls her a snake and says he knows he is her main target. Of course he finishes the conversation with "I think you're genuinely a nice girl and you know better".  I don't know how long they are sequestered for before they start filming, but DAMN.  I think the worst part about it is that he truly believes all of the shit he's saying,

Paul becomes comic relief and puts on Jason's chaps and rides him like a bull.  Cody is not amused.  It wouldn't surprise me if he tried to back-door Paul.

Cody talks to Matt about forming an alliance with the two of them and Mark.  Clearly they want to decide what to do about Mark later, so they definitely want a Final Two alliance together.

Now Josh is walking around feeling shitty about the way he treated Megan.  He's a loose cannon and needs to be dealt with.

Megan does the obligatory visit to the HoH room to talk to Cody and get him to keep her safe for the week.  He barely says anything to her, then in the DR said that he has no respect for "selfishness and begging".  I don't know what his deal is, but I think he's dangerous. Meanwhile, during the conversation Megan is trying to use her interrogation skills on Cody and nothing is working.  He is giving her nothing to work with.

Cody wants to build his team, because to get far in this game you need allies.  Wait a minute, did this motherfucker just refer to Christmas, Dominique, Raven and Elena as "The Babes"?  He says it's because they're smart and know how to work the game.  I'm done.  I do not see myself becoming a fan of his anytime soon.  He is also extremely hot for Jessica and says that she is "distracting his game" (he means her boobs).  If he's truly as methodical as he is being shown, he'll eliminate the distraction and get rid of her.  While he did mention her in the same breath as the "babes", but didn't start talking about her until after he made the 'smart' comment.  Makes me wonder if he doesn't see her in that light?

Cody then refers to the "Outsiders", Megan, Alex, Jason, Ramses, Jillian, Kevin and Paul.  He wants them all gone, it's just a matter of in what order,

Cody decides to nominate Jillian and Megan.  He says to Megan "I just don't like you that much".  Please see previous statements regarding zero fucks and no chill.  He said he chose Jillian because she seems to be aligned with Megan.

Wow.  Just wow.  I can't remember the last time someone came right out of the gate firing on all cylinders.  It's definitely refreshing to see.   I mean, I've definitely complained in the recent past how all of the votes seem to go in whatever direction the HoH wants and no one seems to thing for themselves when it comes down to it.  I basically don't like Cody so I think he's being a dick.  If I liked him, I'd still think he was being a dick, but I'd probably think it was awesome.

The gang will be back on Sunday to see what kind of shenanigans the gang can get into.  It'll be all about whether or not one of the girls can win the Power of Veto and save themselves.  People who aren't on the block and win PoV rarely save anyone anymore, but I've already been surprised a couple of times, so you never know...

If someone does have to come off of the block, I definitely see Paul as the one to go up.  The question at that point would be would he have the votes.  Normally I'd say "too early in the game...not gonna happen".  I can't predict Cody though, so anything could happen.


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