Big Brother 19 - Episode 1, Part 1: A Motley Crew

Well, here we are again folks, it's Big Brother time!  I'm always so excited for this time of year.  Admittedly, I'd be a little more excited if I were on the other side of the TV screen, but I'm a ride-or let's ride!

This is the Summer of Temptation...meaning the Houseguests will be tempted with more rewards than before...but with the consequential fury of a full season of Pandora's box!  Let's get to know the people we'll be sharing our summer with...shall we?

First up, we have Christmas, the 35 year old from NC.  She's a beautiful (IMO) CrossFit champion and trainer with a huge social media following.  I like her.  She's confident in her athleticism, her beauty and her intellect...all of which can take her extremely far in this game.  As long as she tones it down to keep the proverbial target off of her back, I think she'll be good to go.

Next, there's Jason, the Rodeo Clown and Auctioneer from IA.  He's a family man whose alter ego clown's name is Whistle Nut (WTF?).  Meh, I an take him or leave him at this point.  I have no strong feelings either way.

Alex is up next.  She's a 28 year old from CA.  In her intro she mentioned a lot of hobbies, such as knitting and being a self-proclaimed "video game freak".  I can't be mad at the video games, but my initial thought was "does this girl have a job??".  I found out later that she is an Eco-Friendly Marketing Rep.  I'm going to be honest, I have no idea what the hell that means.  If I'm going off of first episode impressions, I've gotta say I don't care much for her, with my reasoning to be revealed as I delve deeper into the recap.  Basically for now, she can go and I'd be fine.

Kevin is a 55 year old stay at home dad from Boston.  He's been married for 31 years and has 7 kids.  That's pretty much it.  He didn't offer up much more than that.  I gotta say, I don't see him lasting long, unless he floats his way down the BB River for a while.  At the risk of being stereotypical as hell, Kevin comes off as a mob guy-type..or at least what mob guy-types are portrayed as on TV.  I'll be right back...gotta go reserve my place in Hell.

OK, now that I've got my assigned seat in the flames that burn but do not consume, Dominique is a 30 year old nuclear engineer from VA. Yay D.C. Metro area!  She wants to keep he intellect under the radar, which I can appreciate.  She is also very strong in her faith.  She has a YouTube channel that she uses for motivational religious videos.  It's a bit much for my taste, but to each their own.

Mark is a 26 year old personal trainer from NY.  He says that he lives in the gym, but is a teddy bear at heart.  His favorite color is pink and he loves Fifty Shades of Grey.  I don't know if the latter qualifies him for teddy bear status, but he's embracing his sensitivity so I'll let it go for now.

Elena is a 26 year old radio personality from TX. She says she has no filter and describes herself as a "shotgun and a beer" southern gal.  Eh.  Once again no strong feelings either way.

Ramses is a 21 year old cosplayer from MI.  Of course he tells the house this and they have no idea what he's even talking about.  I think it and he is cute.  I think he'll be loud and outspoken, but not in an asshole way.  I'm hoping he sticks around,

Cody is  27 year old construction sales rep.  My first thought when I saw him was that he was a poster child for Guns & Ammo.  Please see previous comment regarding my reserved seating. Anywho, he also revealed that he was a 4 year Marine and a former intelligence analyst for the Air Force.  This comes across in his mannerisms as well as his Diary Room visits.  He seems very methodical in his approach, like he's sizing up the situation at all times.  There's nothing wrong with that and I would be the same way, but I wouldn't put such a stoic face on it.  Social game is a huge part of this thing and he needs to realize it...or at least act like he realizes it.  He's not bad to look at, so I predict some sort of showmance in his future.

Raven is a 23 year old dance instructor from Arkansas. She also runs an all girls ghost hunting team called W.I.G.  Their motto is "We don't wig out, we figure it out".  Maybe she can team up with Sam & Dean Winchester?  She seems nice enough, but again not one that I care about either way right now.

Josh is a 23 year old from Miami.  He's very proud of his Cuban heritage and works for his family's hair products sales business.  He's always on his grind and says that his all business attitude will get him far in this game.  I guess we'll see.

Megan is a 28 year old dog walker from Phoenix.  Makes me wonder if she was at the casting call this year and WHY DIDN'T THEY PICK ME!?!  Sorry, I didn't realize that was my outside typing voice.  While she may currently be a dog walker by trade, she is a former Navy interrogator.  she believes that will serve her well in the house.  I personally think it depends on the tactics she employs, but time will tell.

Cameron is  24 year old microbiologist.  He says that while he is a science nerd, he's not they typical type because he is also athletic and "not awkward".  I have yet to see the latter.  He can go as far as I'm concerned.

Jessica is a beautiful (again IMO) 26 year old VIP Concierge from CA.  What does that even mean?  What do they even do?  I'm sure I could Google it in the name of research, bur it's after midnight and to be perfectly honest I don't much care right now.  My first thought regarding her was "please put your boobs away".  She's already said she'll use her looks to get far in this game.  She's got 'em, but she's gonna need more than that to make any real dent.  At least I hope she's smart enough not to have to latch on to the strongest man she can find and ride the wave.  Everyone's got their own game to play, but for ONCE I'd like to see women be strong.  Sistas doin' it for themselves, as it were.

Matt is a 33 year old renovation consultant from VA. D.C. Metro reppin' in the house again!  He says he's loyal to a fault.  Hopefully that won't be his downfall.  By all means command loyalty, but don't follow it blindly.  He's been gray since his late teens and was going to let the house thing he was older than he really was and underestimate him, but that went right out the window at formal introductions.

Jillian is a 24 year old in timeshare sales.  She says she lives with her entire family and one year on vacation the ladies realize they were all overweight, so they went down to Tijuana for weight loss surgery.  Um...WHAT!?!  Not to knock Mexican health care, but I'm not the one!  She's barely a blip on my BB radar right now.

I don't want my post to be extra long, so I'll be back with the actual recap of the events of the first episode.  I'll hope you'll stick with me and enjoy the ride!


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