Big Brother 19 - Episode 1, Part 2: Welcome to the Jungle

Now that we've met the primary cast let's get down to business.  First let me say how much I love that everyone is one big happy in the very beginning.  It makes the spiral of destruction that much more fun to watch!

During the official introductions, everyone is "mostly" truthful about their background. Dominique omits the fact that she's a nuclear engineer, so as not to come off as too smart. Cody and Megan both omit their military service, since they were both intelligence.   Those make sense.  No one outright lied about what they do, they didn't really need to.

The first #BBTemptation of the night is Money.  All of the HGs go into the backyard and are given the opportunity to win $25,000.  It's completely anonymous and no one will ever know unless the taker tells.  When the green light came on, the first person to hit their buzzer would win the money, but the HGs are warned that if the money is taken it will unleash the first twist of the summer.  Without hesitation, Kevin is the only one who goes for it and wins the money.  He doesn't seem too phased by it.  After it's announced that someone took the money, Julie reveals that someone cannot win the first HoH competition and will have to throw it.  He doesn't seem too phased by that either.  Depending on the comp and the fact that there are so many competitors, it can be easy to throw one. The HGs return to the house and find out that the first twist of the summer is...

#BBPaul from #BB18!  #YourBoyIsBack! He is back in the house to compete.  He was told that if someone took the money he'd be coming back.  If not, no dice.  Kevin starts to seem a little nervous, although it doesn't seem like he's watched the show before because he didn't know who Paul was.  With Paul comes the second #BBTemptation of the night...Safety.  Paul is not only there to play the game...he is there to take someone's place. He is given 9 Friendship Bracelets, one for himself and 8 other HGs of his choosing.  They have to "tempt" Paul into giving them a bracelet to guarantee their safety for the night.  I have to admit, I didn't like Paul much last year in the beginning.  He definitely grew on me and I'm glad he's back for another go.  Everyone meets with him individually to plead their case for a bracelet.  Paul isn't happy about the situation just for the simple fact that he's a vet and that's an automatic target.  Cody is NOT feeling him AT ALL.  It comes off as kind of hostile.  Granted there's editing involved, but Cody didn't like him from last season.  Everyone comes and goes and the bracelets fall as follows:

Kevin (NOOOO!!!!!)
Mark - Paul called him Johnny Bravo and it was AWESOME!!

The remaining folks have to compete for safety and some are PISSED.  Alex is all "I don't like  you anyway but I at least deserved a bracelet!"  Um, HTF do you come to that logic? Cody barely said two words to him during their little chat and he's all "See, I knew I didn't like you".  Haters gonna hate, I guess.  Just shut your ass up and compete.

The comp is called #TemptedByTheFruit.  Each contestant had to stand on a balance trapeze while holding on to a rope.  There were "serpents" (read: people in body paint) holding apples around the yard.  The longer you stayed on your trapeze, the more clues you could hear regarding whether or not an apple was poisonous or safe.  The last person standing would be safe for the night.  Everyone else's safety would depend on the apple they chose when they fell.  Three people would be on the block when it was all said and done.

Alex is still bitching about the fact that she didn't get a bracelet.  She also equates everything to a video game, saying things like "i can't hit pause and go to the bathroom or get a snack.  I can't put the controller down", etc.  It ain't that simple honey, but whatever gets you through.  Cody is "using his anger" from not getting a bracelet to fuel his competition fire.  YOU DON'T LIKE PAUL ANYWAY. WTH are you angry about?  I guess he's just automatically supposed to be likeable and Paul didn't fall for the good guy act that Cody didn't even offer up.  Yeah, makes a lot of sense...

Julia fell first, after about 3 minutes.  Megan fought HARD for it...she was swinging all over the place before she finally fell, but she was second.  Josh heard his second clue and dropped third, confident that he would pick a safe apple given the remaining choices.  Cameron drops at the 9:30 mark, but the dummy forgot all of the clues he'd heard so his apple was completely random.

Side note: During the comp, Paul called Nicole from #BB18 a snake. HA!  I thought it was pretty funny. (For those not in the know, Nicole beat Paul for the grand prize last season.  He was NOT a fan, even before Final Two.)

Alex is still hanging on for dear life and refers to herself as a "meathead" because she's such a good competitor.  Girl, take several seats!  Christmas drops after 22 minutes.  She doesn't want to reveal that she is a competition beast, especially since everyone expects her to be.  The ropes are now raised higher for difficulty to move the comp along.  Matt falls after a little over an hour.  Cody tries to get into Alex's head by promising to keep her safe with "whatever he needs to do". She promptly told him to "eat a bag of shit".  I actually respected that.  She said she didn't need a man to get her through and she was gonna do it on her own. Granted, soon thereafter she dropped and Cody won the comp anyway.

The three people with poisoned apples were Christmas, Cameron and Jillian.  As they sit on the block, they are confronted with the third #BBTemptation of the night, Power.  The nominees have the power to either let the house vote on who gets evicted, or battle it out with the loser going home. They each went into the Diary Room to reveal what they wanted.  Jillian wanted a vote because she knew she couldn't beat Christmas, Cameron wanted to battle it out, and in what I thought was a twist, Christmas also wanted a vote.  She wanted to see where the HG's heads were at.

The had a little while to essentially campaign for themselves.  Cameron was talking to everyone, even doing a little strip tease for a couple of the girls.  PLEASE STOP.  Your awkwardness that you swear you don't have is showing.

After it's all said and done, with only two votes to evict Christmas is safe.  Jason and Josh voted for her.  Jason made it know that he felt she was a triple threat (comps, brains and beauty) and needed to go.  Don't know why Josh voted for her.  With a vote of 8-3, Cameron was the first casualty of the BB house.  I'm good with that.  He was already getting on my damn nerves.

Tonight is the Head of Household competition.  This season America can also vote for a HG to enter the Den of Temptation.  Each week there will be a temptation that the HG can choose to accept, but there will be consequences unleashed on the house if they do.  This week's it's the Pendant of Protection, which keeps them safe for 3 evictions.  That's a nice power to have, but it would have to be revealed that you took it, therefore revealing that you are the one who caused the consequences.  I'm all about the anonymous ones, like this week's $25k, but I'd want minimal blood on my hands.  HG's can only be voted into the den once.  So far this is shaping up to be a good season, can't wait to see what it brings!


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