Two weeks ago I had surgery on my left hip.  They had to cut and lengthen my psoas tendon.  Now I'm at home, laid up on the couch with a somewhat constant stream of Oxy in my system. It's kinda nice...except for the pain and helplessness.

You never realize just how easy some things are until you can't do them anymore.  I have two small incisions on my hip, but the surgery was major trauma to my entire leg.  I can't lift my leg more than a couple of inches off of the ground.  I can't walk without crutches.  It kinda sucks.

On the bright side, I no longer have the pain that plagued me before the surgery, just the pain of recovery.  So when all is said and done in 6-12 months (that's when I'll have full range of motion} I should be better than new!

I also told my hubby that when I was all healed up, I wanted to start running.  Granted I will have to start walking fast before I EVER start running, but it's a start!  We are definitely going to be a more active family in 2014.  I have a new bike, the kids are going to learn to roller skate (and so will the hubby if I have my way!) and we are going to enjoy activity...and each other more.

First, I have to get better.  Physical therapy 3x a week is helping with that.  So is my amazing hubby who is taking such good care of me and our family while I'm incapacitated.  When I'm good-as-new, watch out!


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