It's Time to Speak Up

I read a blog post the other day that still has me reeling.  It was entitled "I Look Down on Women with Husbands and Kids and I'm not Sorry" by Amy Glass.  Well you know what?  You damn well should be.

After seeing some of the other blog entries on this site, I really hope that it isn't real and it's only intention is to start drama.  To that end, I'm probably feeding right into it, but I have to say what I'm feeling.  Don't women have enough trouble in this world without having OTHER WOMEN belittle them?  She talks about how getting marred and having kids are "super easy tasks.  Literally anyone can do them."

How about you talk to the woman who spends tens of thousands of dollars at the fertility clinic and ask her how "super easy" the task of getting pregnant and having a baby is?  10-to-1 odds she wants to punch you in the face.

Okay, so getting married and having children may not be on your radar...good for you.  There's nothing wrong with that.  There's no reason to tear another woman down just because her dreams, goals and accomplishments are different than yours.  The mere definition of accomplishment is "the successful completion of something".  How about you talk to a woman who has tried as hard as humanly possible to have a child, but for whatever reason she is unable to successfully carry a pregnancy to term and tell her exactly what she's doing wrong to be unable to complete this "super easy task".  I'll take the same 10-to-1 odds on her.

You want to have a party for someone climbing the Himalayas?  Wonderful!  I'll help you plan it.  You want to have a shower for a woman who has landed her dream job?  Great! I'm sure she would appreciate gift cards to her favorite clothing store and could use a new power wardrobe to fit her new power job.  If you want these things to be commonplace, speak up!  Start a campaign.  Don't just sit there and bitch about how they aren't.

I don't want you to be sorry for your opinion.  We all have them, and rightfully so.  You should be sorry that you feel the need to make other people, especially other women, feel less-than when there is absolutely no need for it.  The world is made up of different people.  We all want and need different things.  If the Internet buzz is any indicator, most of us all want and need for you to shut the hell up.


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