Big Brother - Kathy Floats Out

Let's see...let's start with Rachel's return.

I figured they'd unleash Rachel back on the house, since Chenbot made the comment about it possibly not being the last time she saw the house.  She didn't have to come back into the house like she did, but 10-to-1 she expected Brendon to be there.  She didn't care how she treated the others as long as she was spending 24 hours with "her man".  Oh little did she know...

Brendon was shipped to the Jury House, where he had to spend 24 hours in solitude.  I thought it was hilarous.  He's still playing the game as if he's in an alliance, but she's been kicked out!  He needs to wise up, unless he's just going to keep winning the PoV, which is never guaranteed.

Ragan, Ragan, Ragan...congrats on being $20,000 richer.  I can't wait for them to drop that bombshell on finale night.  It'll be fun to see all of the jaws drop.  I was also extremely proud of him for standing up to Rachel when she returned.  He was absolutely right.  Had she shown a modicum of decorum when she reentered, she could've had a fun (or at least civil) 24 hours.  Instead she returned like a bat outta hell determined to cozy up to her man and no one else.  His ass wasn't even there.  In the immortal words of Nelson...HA HA!

On to the Diamond PoV.  I thought it would be something that had to be used at the original PoV meeting, not at the vote.  I knew Kathy would be the one to go home.  I really don't know what game she was playing...if she was playing at all.  Won't it be fun to see the interaction at the jury house...

I'm looking forward to the double-elimination week coming up. Those are always fun.

Side note:  I am such a huge fan of Lane!  I think that his Diary Room sessions are hilarious.  The fact that he's really cute and has great guns are a plus, too.  :)


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