Big Brother - Brenchel

Okay...BRENCHEL?  That's just damn ridiculous.

I was fine seeing Kristen go.  They didn't focus on her much, which means she wasn't doing much in the house...other than being hot (if you like that sort of thing).  So, Rachel got her way and Kristen is gone.  What I'm MOST shocked about is how Kathy votes against the house EVERY SINGLE WEEK and she's still there!  I think she's just a given to give the sympathy vote and she's not viewed as a threat.   I wonder if she's deliberately throwing competitions or if she really just sucks that bad.

I am so sick of Brendon's whiny, cryin' @ss!!  If he whines about how Rachel is hurting his feelings one more time I think I just might lose it.  I'm also sick of how Rachel keeps saying that it's not all about Brendon, but isn't acknowledging the fact that it's always all about her!  The two of them deserve each other.

As far as the HoH competition,  I think Brendon should've been able to hang on longer.  He's a swimmer, for goodness sake...aren't his muscles supposed to be good for something?  Or maybe it's having muscles that's the hinderance, seeing as how Ragan and Matt keep ending up being the final two in such competitions.

It's no surprise that Brenchel was put up on the block.  I tell  you what though, if The Brigade does steamroll through the house, when it comes time to pick each other off Enzo is gonna be the first to go, with his lazy @ss...

There's also the little Pandora's Box incident.  Okay Mr. Brains, if  you've been talking the ENTIRE TIME about how you're gonna open Pandora's Box if it's ever presented to you, shouldn't you come up with a better lie than "I only got a dollar."!???!  Tell them it was $500 or hell, even $1,000.  There's no way anyone bought that story, especially when he unleashed a Saboteur back into the house.  The Diamond Veto is pretty awesome, though.  Remember when the Golden Veto was special, and not an every week occurrence?  Ah, the good ol' days...

Speaking of the Saboteur, Ragan, Ragan, Ragan...what are you thinking?  I hope he doesn't screw up his game.  I honestly think the fact that he's a floater will help him pull off this role for two weeks.  He's safe this week and he just needs to keep his head down for one more.  I don't know if I could've done it.  I still think that CBS should've just given up on the whole thing.  It didn't work...move on.

P.S.  Why was Brendon bleeding so much from his ear and face?  It almost looked like a horrible shaving accident.


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