Big Brother - Bye, Rachel

Well, everyone got her out.  It was bound to happen.  You've gotta admire Brendon lying down on his sword to try and save's a dumb move, but admirable if you're into the mushiness of "The Showmance".  I almost thought it might work, too.  Truth be told, Rachel is much more of a threat than Brendon is.  He can't hold his own during endurance challenges (and I really don't understand why, given his physique).  I almost fell out when he asked her the other night if she thought he should've held on longer.  WHAT?!?!  If you could've held on longer, than you should have.  What EXACTLY are you driving at?

It'll be interesting to see who won HoH this week.  The determination on Brendon's face was strong...but can he pull it out?

In other news...I was glad Kathy didn't apologize to Rachel.  There was absolutely no need for it.  Rachel got called to the carpet on her failed strategy.  So freakin' really think you deserve an apology after the tirade you went on after the last HoH you won?  Someone needs to buy that girl a clue.

Kathy's game is interesting.  Like I said before, she definitely doesn't swim with the house current, but she's so under the radar that no one really cares at this point.

Ragan as the Saboteur is interesting as well.  I like the way he's stirring up the house in a way that will cause drama, but will not cast any doubt upon himself or his gameplay.  America, choosing a floater was a good move.


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