Big Brother 16 - The Most Twisted Summer Ever! Part II

Well the second night of the premiere has come and gone, so let's pick up where we left off...shall we?

The remaining 8 HG's were introduced into the house, not knowing the game had already begun for the first 8.  Let's take a look at the rest of the crew:

  • Victoria - Photographer from Florida.  She's an Orthodox Jew that doesn't dress like one. That's allowed (not that I know much...okay ANYTHING about it)?  She reminds me of Kathy Najimy if Kathy were cocky instead of funny.
  • Caleb - Hunting guide from Kentucky.  He dubs himself a "Metro sexual country boy".  There's a such thing as that too?  Well, if nothing else, BB will introduce you to a whole world of people you've never encountered before.  He seems very physical and like a competitor.  Floating doesn't seem to be in his DNA.
  • Brittany - Event Planner from California.  I wanted to do that once upon a time.  She's recently divorced with three children.  To look at her you'd never know it.  Maybe my BB nickname for her will be Hot Mama!
  • Christine - Barista from Tucson, AZ.  Of course I racked my brain trying to remember if I saw her a the open casting call in Phoenix this summer.  I don't believe I did, but who knows?  She comes off as odd to me.  The whole nudist thing? Yeah, I don't get it.  She's in the same boat with Cody for me right now. Just meh.
  • Derrick - Policeman from Rhode Island. He seems really down to earth.  The fact that he worked undercover narcotics for years could really work in his favor.  He knows how to develop a cover and not break it, as well as how to read people and situations.  I think he'll go far if he can fly under the radar and not paint a target on his back.  Lying about his job was a smart move.
  •  Zach - Cocky fake-ass Dr. Will/Dan clone wanna be...*ahem*, sorry, I mean unemployed college graduate from Florida.  His whole personality screams "I'M TRYING TOO HARD!!".  'I don't have friends because I don't care about anyone but myself' facade is classic Dr. Will and his whole 'i'll do anything it takes to win' is classic Dan...NEITHER of which he pulls off very well.  If BB is painting him to be the season villain, it's working.  I already don't like him.
  • Hayden - Petty cab driver from California.  My first thought was "another Hayden?".  My second thought was "he's not as cute as the first Hayden".  He seems fun.  Comparing Amber to Whitney Houston was a bit off the mark though.  He referred to himself as Jeff Spicoli.  Now THAT I can see!
  • Jocasta - Minister and motivational speaker from Georgia.  OK, let me just get this out of the way right now.  She gon' piss me off this season, I know it.  I guess when I read/heard that she was a preacher I expected a different type of personality.  Not knocking it, but I think I was expecting someone a little more conservative.  I would also love to know what "I've done a lot of things.  I've done a lot of people.  Men, women..." means.  Man, open up her closet and I'll bet bones fly out of every corner! Paola was concerned that as a minister she might not fit in with the rest of the house.  I don't see that being a problem.
As the second group of HG's come in, they automatically feel as though they are two separate teams playing against each other.  To a certain extent that's true, but like I said yesterday, I see that quickly falling by the wayside. Everyone is chatting and playing the getting-to-know-you game, which is harmless enough, but Paola has an agenda early on.  She feels she is one of the biggest egos in the house (no arguments from this side of the table) and she can smell her own, so  she immediately tries to figure out Caleb's angle.  She's on the hunt early and I can tell she's already thinking it's a him-or-me type of situation.

Frankie hears that Caleb is a hunting guide and automatically thinks that they won't get along because he must be uber-conservative and they won't understand each other or their lifestyle choices.  Little do they know they can bond over mani-pedis and eyebrow waxes!  It'll be interesting to see if they talk it out to see if they really do have anything in common.

Frankie and Victoria immediately hit it off and Frankie decides that he wants her to win the 2nd HoH so that they can work together.  She agrees and is ready to compete.  
The new group immediately has to compete for the 2nd HoH of the week in a challenge called Over the Coals.  The rolling log from Go Fly A Kite has been turned into a human barbecue spit, or a "hog turner" as Donny so affectionately referred to it.  Each of the HGs must hold on to the spit as it rotates over hot pillows, I mean "coals". The HG that lasts the longest becomes the second HoH.

Frankie sits and watches from the HoH Tiki Bar, desperately hoping that his plan for Victoria to win HoH pans out so they can wield the power.  Unfortunately, Victoria's head was in the game, but her body didn't get the memo. She was the first to fall.  Of course holding onto a rolling log isn't challenging enough, so BB decided to coat them with barbecue sauce.  One by one, they begin dropping like flies in the bug zapper at the BBQ.  The final two are Hayden and Caleb.  Hayden's muscles are so fatigued that he's literally shaking, while Caleb looks like it's another day at the CrossFit gym.  Hayden realizes he's not going to be able to compete with Caleb and he falls, leaving Caleb as the 2nd HoH winner.

Man, Caleb was a straight BEAST during that competition.  I truly think he would've been able to hold on to that log for hours.  He is definitely a threat when it comes to the physical competitions...especially endurance. This is an observation made by the rest if the house and if the nickname Beast sticks, it wouldn't surprise me.

Of course Frankie and Caleb are dual HoHs...I think they could work well together if they give it a chance.  It's too early to tell each's view of the other, but hopefully neither one of them are closed-minded.

After the comp is won, Julie announces more twists to the game.  Each HoH will have to nominate two guests for eviction. I speculated with a friend yesterday that each would nominate two from the other's group of 8...we'll see if that pans out or of Frankie and Caleb take the dual HoH thing seriously and work together. Once the four nominees are set, they will compete in a new competition to the BB game entitled Battle of the Block.  The nominees will be paired against each other.  The team that wins the comp comes off the nomination block and unseats the HoH that nominated them, returning them to regular Houseguest status and thus painting a target on their back.  This is where it gets tricky.  Does this mean that come eviction day there will still only be two HGs for eviction, as it has been every season, or will two replacement people have to be nominated?  Will there still be a Power of Veto competition to try and spare the game life of a nominated HG?  If so, that leaves the opportunity for every unseated HoH to be back-doored.  It will be very interesting to see how nominees are selected.  I foresee a lot of "you're just a pawn" speeches this season. One thing has remained constant all these years...PAWNS GO HOME.  No one wants to be in that position and no one should ever feel safe as a pawn.

In the Team America twist, the first member of the alliance is Joey.  That's not a shock.  She seems like a genuine, fun person.  I'd like her in my corner.  It will be interesting to see the two additional HGs picked for the task.  Maybe Frankie?  I could seem him becoming a fan favorite.

Like I said yesterday, I'm all in.  Anyone that thought they had a strategy in this house needs to throw it out the window and start from scratch.  Hey, I think fast on my feet...keep that in mind next year, casting directors!  If you came back after reading yesterday's post...THANK YOU! Please comment and share with other BB16 fans.  I love having serious dialogue about this show.  Until Sunday, BB lovers!


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