Big Brother 16 - The Bomb Squad Is About To Blow

The first thing we see tonight is Christine & Nicole bonding over their nerdiness.  That's not a bad thing...I might be as nerdy as they come.  They consider themselves "regular girls" and don't feel they fall into any type of clique.  Hello?!  The Clique season was years ago, but I digress.  They consider everyone else in the house either a "meat head", a "pretty girl" or a "popular girl".  Sounds like they're sipping on Haterade to me. They form an easy alliance, but this early in the game I don't know that it'll be one that can get them very far.

With Frankie and Caleb being co-HoHs, Frankie makes his move and tells Caleb that he not only wants to work with him this week, but for the long haul.  Much like the #DoubleDs alliance of Devin and Donny, it would be one that many people may not suspect, given their vastly different backgrounds.  Caleb agrees and their first mission is to recruit soldiers in their mission for household domination.  They decide to recruit Cody, Zach, Devin and Derrick and they dub themselves the #BombSquad.  Their mission...?  To get all of the potential floaters out of the house.  They also think the women are stupid and that they'll be easy to pick off.  I think that some of the women are being underestimated, but this early on it doesn't look like they've given these guys any reason to think otherwise.  Zach Attack (OMG I can't believe he actually referred to himself as such) of course thinks that they brought him in to be the brains of the operation.  I really hope his persona is an act that he isn't puling off very well, because if this is the real him? Heaven help him.

Derrick and Cody are wary of the alliance and with good reason.  None of these people know the other very well and it's hard to put your trust (I use that term very loosely, of course) in someone this early in the game.  If you bond with one or two people and you decide you want to form an alliance that's one thing, but to have six right from jump? That's very risky.  Cue the exact reason for the riskiness in 3...2...

Devin feels that the group needs two girls as members, so he takes it upon himself to recruit Amber and Christine.  He tells them all about the #BombSquad, including all of its members.  THEN he goes and wakes Caleb out of a dead sleep to tell him what he's done and insist that he talk with both women now.  DUDE! Rule #1 of an alliance is don't go telling everybody you're in an alliance!  Rule #2 is don't go inviting people to be a part of said alliance without first discussing it with the other members!  Devin is a hot mess. I don't know if he was drunk or just sleep deprived, but he made a bad move on all counts.  Not only has he just painted a huge target on his back that his other alliance members are gonna have their eye on, but he picked the wrong woman to include.  Christine is aligned with Nicole.  If she goes and tells Nicole what she's learned, the entire thing is gonna blow up in their faces.

Devin has also fully abandoned his Day 1 alliance with Donny, but Donny doesn't know that yet and Devin isn't telling him.  He's continuing to lead him on in case he needs Donny down the road. Donny is a good guy and will never see it coming.  Like he said "He's smarter than they think he is, but not as smart as he thinks he is".  Truer words, man...truer words.

Frankie and Caleb discuss who the nominees should be, and one of the first people Caleb throws out there is Hayden.  Now, I'm pretty sure when they both dropped from the BBQ spit Caleb assured Hayden he was safe and was not going on the block this week.  I wonder if he considers Hayden a threat and wants Frankie to be the one to nominate him so as not to go back on his word to him.

Caleb and Frankie decide the most "fair" thing to do would be to nominate the first man and woman to fall in their respective HoH comps to go on the block.  That way they make the same decision and their is no blood on either of their hands.  The only problem with that decision is that Victoria was the first person to fall in her comp and she and Frankie have already formed a bond and decided to try to go very far with each other in the game.

Both HoHs are called to their room to select the nominees.  By a random draw they decide who will be the first to pick their nominees.  The second then chooses their nominees from the remaining keys.  If the HoHs decide not to work together or one decides to back stab the other, choosing second could be a good move.  You can change your noms at the last minute based on what the first HoH has chosen.

This year the nomination ceremony works a little differently.  Instead of each non-nominated HG removing their key, the HoHs announce their nominations outright.  They turn the key in the box and that person shows up on the picture wall.  Short and sweet...I like it.

Caleb nominates Donny and Paola because they were the first man and woman to fall in their comp.  Frankie nominates Victoria and Brittany for the same reason, but goes back on their original plan to nominate a man and a woman.  Not really sure why that is, but Caleb should take note of the last-minute switch.  Victoria immediately feels betrayed by Frankie and she should.  Frankie is trying his best to do damage control, but that's one ally he has lost.  She will smile in his face, but work vigilantly to get him out of the house.

Side note: Of course Caleb is a crier...he's a self-proclaimed metrosexual.  What did you expect?!

They show a clip of Donny in one of the rooms having a stretch/Yoga session with some of the other HGs. Devin sees this and all of his red flags and floater alarms start sounding off.  He voices his concerns about Donny (you know, his former alliance member?!?) to Frankie and Cody.  He feels that Donny is going to use his humor to float his way through the game and you know what?!  He's 100% right.  Only problem is, Devin has ruined all of his credibility with his first dumb-ass move of recruiting new alliance members.  Devin is looking more and more like this year's Howard.  Last year Howard ruined his entire game all by his lonesome, and it seems that Devin is headed down that same path.  The object is to learn from past HG's mistakes, not duplicate them!!

The nominated HGs compete in the newest comp, Battle of the Block.  Tonight's game was The Pouring 20's.  The backyard and HGs were very Gatsby-esque in their costumes.  The nominees each had to swing on a swing facing their partner holding a martini glass.  One had to swing and fill their glass with punch and deliver the punch to their partner's glass.  They then had to take the punch and pour it into vase of balls. The first team to fill their vase and cause one of the balls to fall out was the winner.

Paola had the hardest time just trying to get her swing moving,  At one point I thought she would never get it going,  Instead of showing frustration, Donny continued to tell her they needed to get the swinging down before they could do anything else.  Brittany and Victoria made it look easy once they got going.  It seemed as thought they would run away with it, but Paola and Donny finally got the hang of it and really gave them a run for their money.  Eventually, Victoria and Brittany pulled out the win, taking themselves off of the block and dethroning Frankie in the process.  Frankie is concerned and he should be.  Hell hath no fury and all that jazz.

It looks like come eviction day there will only be two nominees and they still have the Power of Veto to play for, so it's still anyone's game.  If the PoV is won and someone is pulled off of the block, I only see the noms changing if Devin does something ELSE stupid and they have the chance to back door him.  Truthfully I could see the entire alliance voting him out with his current behavior.  Otherwise there's no real reason to rock the boat.  If Caleb is true to his alliance Frankie isn't gonna go up, much to Victoria's dismay.  I know I said #TheCrazy8s had the potential to be the next Moving Company, but I think the #BombSquad just moved up in those ranks.  I wonder if anyone is even thinking about that original alliance of 8 anymore?

Well, it's late and there's that pesky full time job to think of again, so I'm signing off for the night.  See you Wednesday!


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