I am usually a person who is obsessed with her weight.  I know I'm overweight and every year I "resolve" to do something about it.  This year, I'm having a baby and I cannot TELL you how freeing it is to not make that "lose weight" resolution AGAIN.  I'm not joining Weight Watchers, I'm not searching the web looking for the next great weight loss plan and it feels WONDERFUL! 

I didn't make any resolutions this year.  This New Year's Eve I was in a pretty foul mood for no particular reason (I'll pobably blame it on hormones) and was in NO mood to even care about ringing anything in.  Of course I slept and the next morning felt much better.

I admit I'm watching my weight to some degree because I'd rather not gain 58lbs during this pregnancy like I did with the last, but it's so wonderful to not be obsessing over getting back into my size 12's.*

*A few weeks after this baby pops out, all bets are off.  Sorry, it's who I am.


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