My First 5k Is In The Books!

Well, today I walked my very first 5k.  I walked the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5k in Phoenix, AZ.  My hubby wanted to do the race to prep for his half marathon in Vegas next month.  With my birthday in two days I decided to do it with him.  I'm really glad I did.

My friend Marie decided to walk with us as well.  We had matching shirts and everything!  We decided the official shirts for the race weren't "cute" enough, so we got our own.  I think we looked pretty damn cute, too!  I'd post a pic, but I'm using my new Chromebook to write this post (thank you honey!!) and I don't have everything figured out yet. Chances are, if you are reading this you followed the link from my Facebook account and you've seen the pic already anyway!

Our friend Martha was going to run the race, but she decided to hang back and walk because she didn't want to run it by herself!  D@mn employed teenage children!!  Because of that, she and Kenny decided to run the race together!  I'm really glad they did.  Kenny has been doing an amazing job training for Strip at Night and I didn't want to hold him back by walking the race.

Marie and I finished in one hour!  I am extremely pleased with that.  I was fully expecting to take longer than that!  Walking on a beautiful day with an amazing friend just makes the time fly by, I guess!  There were TONS of people there, but everything was well organized so it only felt crowded for a short time,  Once we got out of the gate, we were able to break away from the pack and move at a better pace.  Marie has been working out like a crazy woman, so I'm glad she was able to keep me at a good pace!

All in all it was a great day.  There was the benefit of beautiful weather, being with great friends and family, getting great exercise and doing it all for a good cause.  Who knows, maybe there will be another one in my future, know that I know I can do it!

My next mission is for Shaun T. to show me how to Tilt, Tuck and Tighten my way to awesomeness!  You read that right, folks. I'm going to be doing a Hip Hop Abs challenge!  I'll let you know how THAT goes, LOL.  'Til next time...


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