One Step At A Time

A friend and I decided to go to Panda Express for lunch today and bring it back to the office. While in line I was looking at the chow mein and thinking how AWESOME that would be...but then I stopped for a minute to THINK. I know, right? Taking a moment to breathe and actually thinking about the decision being made before making it? It's crazy, I know...

I thought about how every meal can shape my overall goal. I looked and saw the veggie side dish and thought about how that would be 0 PointsPlus. I thought about how I would make myself feel mentally AFTER if I chose the chow mein over the veggies. I picked the veggies. I also picked the String Bean Chicken Breast in my bowl. My lunch ended up looking like this:

Veggies - 0 PointsPlus
String Bean Chicken Breast - 4 PointsPlus
Veggie Spring Rolls - 4 PointsPlus
Water - 0 Points Plus

Total - 8 PointsPlus

I am so proud of myself. I had enough to eat and I don't feel deprived because of the decision I made. It's the small steps that make the difference...


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