Cupcake Robbery

I really need to perfect my skills.  I got a few cupcakes from a shop the other day.  Turns out they're going to be on Food Network's Cupcake Wars next week, so I was very intrigued.  They were $3 a pop!  I can't imagine how much they'll be after they appear on TV, let alone if they win!  I got three flavors...Mixed Berry, Vanilla Glam and Cookie Dough.  Needless to say they were just "Meh"...

The icing was VERY lemony on the vanilla glam, which I didn't like.  They were very pretty with the hot pink icing and sparkly sugar dust.  The cake itself was all right, but not $3 all right.  The cookie dough was better, but the icing also had that a milder version of that lemon tang and it wasn't the best.  Needless to say I am now on a mission to create my own Cookie Dough cupcake.  I'll let you know how it turns out.

I didn't try the Mixed Berry...that one was Brie's.  She had half with no complaints.


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