I think the title of this entry is aptly named...mainly because this entry is going to contain a lot of "I want"s. I am living in constant pain and no one seems to be able to help. That pain ranges from somewhat irritating to excruciating. I want a diagnosis. I want a doctor whose staff seems to care as much as they do about their patients*. I want to not live in constant fear of embarrassing myself in public because of my health issues. I want to not cry myself to sleep or rely on narcotics that only help for a short while. I want to be "normal" again. I want this to be over.

*I don't know if my doc cares a whole lot, but at least he makes me feel like he does. His staff...not so much.


Unknown said…
I find that when staff members know that a certain patient's problems are hard to cure, they distance themselves. If somebody's "easy to fix," they're all up in that.

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